In the context of the revision of the European Gas Market Directive (2009/73/EC), the European Commission selected Artelys to assist in the preparation of the Impact Assessment of potential policy measures to create a regulatory framework for hydrogen. In collaboration with Guidehouse, who carried out the qualitative analysis of these measures, this report presents the methodology and results of the cost-benefit analysis of the creation of a pan-European hydrogen transport infrastructure. The analysis was carried out with METIS, a multi-energy model of Europe covering gas, electricity and hydrogen (based on the Artelys Crystal Super Grid platform). It is based on scenarios representing different framework conditions that impact the implementation of a European hydrogen network. These scenarios are compared on the basis of cost criteria, production, transport and storage infrastructure requirements, and environmental criteria. Sensitivity analyses explore additional assumptions on, for example, the mode of hydrogen production via electrolysers or the costs of the transport infrastructure.

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