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for key energy actors

The rapid evolution of energy systems and markets all over the world is driven by the need to decarbonize the economy, by combining high shares of renewables, energy efficiency, and the emergence of smart and flexible consumption-side technologies. The emerging paradigm has profound impacts on the role of regulators, governmental agencies, network operators and producers, who require more than ever support for an efficient and evidence-based decision making.


Optimizing the evolution of the energy systems  taking into account sector coupling opportunities

Regulation & Market Design

Assessment of the social, environmental and economic impacts of energy/climate policies and measures


Cost-benefit analysis of infrastructure projects, such as interconnectors, P2G, storage, district heating, etc.

Investment Analysis

Due diligence of investment projects, risk analysis, analysis of revenue streams, including capacity value, ancillary services, etc.


— We advise on long-term planning strategies

Thanks to state-of-the-art modelling capabilities, Artelys is able to perform holistic simulations of the evolution of energy systems, which capture the complementarities and competition between energy carriers, in both established and high growth economies.


Artelys consultants use the Artelys Crystal technology to build energy master plans, to dimension optimal portfolios of renewables and flexibility solutions, to assess system adequacy, or to evaluate the economic potential of emerging technologies such as power-to-gas or vehicle-to-grid.

The METIS project

European Commission

PEPS4: CBA of electricity storage and power-to-gas options


Annual production planning tools

CIE (Compagnie Ivoirienne d’Electricité)

Power mix evolution trajectories- 2020-2060


regulation & market design

— We build and assess the efficiency of markets

Artelys provides expert advice to energy regulators, ministries and national energy agencies on tariff design, self-consumption practices, capacity markets, cost recovery of regulated assets, etc.


Our deep understanding of electricity and gas systems and markets, coupled with the use of state-of-the-art modelling tools, allows us to assess the impacts of energy/climate policies and measures.

Assessing Market Designs options in 2030

European Commission

Renewable energy source support schemes

Swiss Federal Office of Energy

Energy transition and capacity mechanisms


Weather-driven revenue uncertainty for power producers and ways to mitigate it

European Commission


— We simulate and optimise the expansion of networks at all scales

Artelys benefits from a wide range of modelling tools, allowing its experts to deliver analyses of electricity, gas and heat networks.


We combine state-of-the-art techniques to investigate the details of the power flows on the short- and long-term, with our expert knowledge of network codes and key industry guidelines for clients ranging from TSOs and SSOs to public institutions.

CBA of additional interconnections at French borders


Analysis of transmission costs disparities in the French electricity network

Audit of CBA

investment analysis

— We assess the level of revenues of your investments

Artelys provides investors in electricity projects (RES assets, batteries, power-to-gas, etc.) with an array of services which includes due diligence, power market price projections, evaluation of the revenues of a given investment project, design of optimal bidding strategies, risk assessment and options to cover residual risks.


Thanks to the flexibility of Artelys Crystal, we simulate the evolution of market prices and capture their sensitivity to demand growth, national strategy, carbon price, etc.

Evaluation of RES projects

Evaluation of the potential for power-to-hydrogen

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Artelys Crystal Super Grid

A state-of-the-art energy modelling solution allowing you to perform advanced studies of the energy system


Artelys offers tailor-made training in economic optimization of energy systems based on the international experience of its energy consultants.


Artelys work regularly serves as basis for innovative publications about energy systems.

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