Data Science & Analytics

Greater insight for business

Unleash the full potential of your data


Value my data

We bring new insights to your strategic issues evaluating the quality and the potential of your data, and reviewing existing processes


Unlock the power of DataScience

We design, develop, and deploy machine learning tools and algorithms to make your operations smarter


Make faster and better decisions

We help you monetize data and optimize business performances based on strong industrial knowledge

We construct end-to-end solutions fitting our client needs and integrate in their technological framework with a full transparency into components, services, and code.

data stories

Datei:Tennet TSO logo.svg – Wikipedia

Artelys is a key contributor to the development of GridOptions, Netherlands TSO TenneT’s upcoming tool for decision support on topological remedial actions for congestion management.

Artelys collaborates with Swiss DSO Groupe E on a tool for load disaggregation and profiling.

Haute Autorité de Santé française

Development and deployment of an automatic document classification module based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) for the French National Authority for Health

Artelys develops a data mapping tool with the French Ministry of Home Affairs to strengthen its data governance.

Improving passenger information for bus users in the Paris area: Artelys demonstrates the contribution of artificial intelligence methods to produce more accurate and stable estimated bus arrival times at their stops.

The structuring of a territorial road database combined with Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to target actions to prevent road accidents in the Loiret department.

Artelys and the ANAP have been collaborating during 3 years to supply the healthcare sector with the most recent advancements in Data Science.

The MMT initiative (Man Machine Teaming) explores the possibilities of development for cognitive air combat systems.

Operating transport networks with the support of AI. This is the field explored by the online competition “Learn to Run a Power Network in a sustainable world“ launched by RTE with Artelys support.




From raw data to the right architecture

Artelys leverages its well-established software editing activity and the skills of its IT experts to create the strong foundations of your project.


Smart visualizations bring data to life

With well-suited representations of your data, Artelys quickly provide a first insight into your dataset as a whole, while shaping the potential modeling solutions.

Data Governance

Data collection, organization and preparation

Data quality is a definite key to your project’s success, Artelys consolidate your data in order to build the most robust dataset possible.

Open Data

The data is there, you just need to know how to find it

Artelys has a great experience in exploiting public databases and platforms helping both private and public actors into leveraging the potential of this new data.



Research & Development

20% of our activity is dedicated to R&D

Artelys is strongly involved in R&D, exploring and experimenting big data techniques and tools to provide its customers state-of-art solutions.



Research & Development

20% of our activity is dedicated to R&D

Artelys is strongly involved in R&D, exploring and experimenting big data techniques and tools to provide its customers state-of-art solutions.


Time series modelling and projection

We offer our clients a better understanding of their activity’s trends, seasonalities and regime shift and a wide range of efficient models and tools.

Machine learning

Deploy the latest AI methods

Our data scientists design, develop, and deploy machine learning tools and algorithms that make your products and operations smarter.

Numerical computation

Optimization power to enhance Data Science

The combination of Data Science and optimization offers extended perspectives in terms of accuracy and robustness for business problems resolution.




Your data strategy needs a partner understanding your business

Our experience in industrial sectors, Energy, Transport or Marketing combined with our empathy for your business issues allows for a deeper collaboration and the delivery of the most suitable solution.


Making visualization a business tool that your teams can use

Through maps, charts and simulations our ad-hoc graphical interfaces, helps to objectify your decisions on a quantitative basis.

Simulation & Risk Management

Be ready and prepared when the real thing happens

We deliver ’What if’ and Monte Carlo simulations to our clients, and implement the latest techniques of probabilistic forecast.


Onboarding AI

The stakes of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become a strategic issue for companies, regardless of their field of activity or size. As an expert, Artelys provides you with full assistance, from the design stage to the implementation of your first AI solution, by building with and for your team a roadmap tailored to your business.

Studies and proof of concept

With more than 20 years of experience, Artelys puts its business, scientific and technical expertise at your service to help you exploit your data and solve your most complex problems using cutting-edge techniques in the field of artificial intelligence (Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, etc).

Operational solutions

Artelys facilitates the integration of AI use cases in your business teams by offering the deployment of a complete SaaS application. From data ingestion and processing to the production of dynamic graphical interfaces and the development of customized AI capabilities, this solution makes it possible to add value to the data of your business team through AI.

Training computation

Artelys training courses will enable you to acquire or update your mastery of the latest theoretical and practical tools in the field of Data Science.

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