Take advantage of your constraints

— Artelys Kalis is an innovative constraints programming component able to solve quickly and efficiently a wide range of combinatorial problems relying on an interactive and user-friendly hybrid framework including constraint programming, mixed-integer programming and artificial intelligence.

Decision-making processes optimization is critical in most sectors of industry and economy. Artelys Kalis is used in many companies to develop innovative and efficient solutions in a wide range of sectors including finance, energy, communication, logistics or engineering.

express your constraints

— Thanks to its extensive library of constraints and research, Artelys Kalis allows you to model and solve your combinatorial problems in no time.

Declare variables

integer, boolean, real or set

Add constraints

basics or globals

Define search strategy

choose from our research library or add your own custom strategy

Run enumeration

while keeping control

… and that’s all!

problems classes solved

— As a powerful constraint programming solver, Artelys Kalis is specialized in solving large combinatorial problems.


Vehicule Routing

Bin packing

Graph theory


Production planning






key features

— For optimal performance, Artelys Kalis has been designed as an object-oriented, open and rich platform to offer its users maximum flexibility.

Handling both discrete and continuous variables  +

An integrated constraints library: algebraic, logical, global  +

Support for user-defined constraints with dedicated propagation mechanisms  +

Configurable search algorithm: look for one/all feasible solutions, find an optimal solution  +

Multiple branching scheme available  +

Support for user-defined search strategies  +

Automatic solver tuning based on the problem characteristics

Automatic generation of LP or MIP relaxations for faster optimization runs and definition of hybrid resolution procedures

resource allocation & planning

— Artelys Kalis includes modeling objects, constraints and specialized heuristics for planning and resource allocation issues.

Dedicated objects for scheduling problems +

  • Tasks
  • Resources

Support for multiple resource types

  • Cumulative + or disjonctive +
  • Renewable or not (machine capacity, working force) +
  • Discrete or continuous

Efficient time constraints management

  • Setup times +
  • Idle time
  • Load profile

Specialized heuristic search


— Xpress-Kalis

Artelys Kalis has been associated with the algebraic modeling language FICO® Xpress Mosel to form the Xpress-Kalis constraint programming component.
FICO® Xpress Mosel facilitates the development of models thanks to its many data connectors (text files, Excel , ODBC, Oracle) as well as its integrated development environment, Xpress Workbench.
With Xpress-Kalis, you get all the power of FICO® Xpress Mosel: define your own search strategies or your specific constraints never been so simple!

operating systems

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