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— FICO® Xpress Optimization includes the world’s foremost mathematical modeling / programming language and a full range of powerful optimization engines. Raise the competitive bar in your industry by solving the unsolvable, making the best decision in every situation and achieving more from less. FICO Xpress Optimization helps organizations solve bigger problems, design applications faster and make even better decisions in virtually any business scenario.

Xpress originally developed by Dash Optimization in 1983 and acquired by FICO in 2008 is the first commercial solver being able to tackle linear and mixed-integer problems on PCs in 1986. For 40 years, Xpress has been a key player in the optimization world being successively the first mixed-integer solver to cross the billion decision variable threshold in 2010 and to feature the first commercial implementation of a parallel dual simplex method in 2014.

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— Industrial customers use FICO® Xpress in more than 90 countries all around the globe making FICO Xpress one of the world top class optimization suite.



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— The FICO® Xpress Optimization architecture is structured on 3 layers of tightly integrated and interactive tools: optimization solver engines, modeling and development tools, and business insight model deployment.






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— FICO® Xpress Solver is composed of three complementary optimization solvers embedding specialized algorithms enabling the resolution of a wide range of complex optimization problems.

Xpress Optimizer

Global solver for all linear, convex quadratic, and second order conic problems, with continuous or mixed-integer variables. It includes several top-class optimization algorithms:

  • Primal and dual simplex methods for linear and quadratic continuous problems.
  • Interior points highly scalable methods for linear and quadratic convex continuous problems.
  • Branch-and-Bound/Branch-and-Cut for linear and quadratic mixed-integer problems.

It offers multi-threaded parallel processing out of the box, engaging multiple CPU cores to rapidly and efficiently solve clients’ most difficult MIP problems. It also embeds an automatic tuner to find the optimal set of parameters for a given problem.

Xpress Kalis

Constraint programming solver relying on the Artelys Kalis solver from a Mosel module. It allows modeling and solving combinatorial problems using constraints inference techniques. The add-ons developed for the constraints programming solver (new constraints, new research strategies, etc.) are directly useable within the Mosel language.

Xpress Nonlinear

Successive Linear Programming and Interior Point highly scalable methods for either continuous or mixed-integer nonlinear models. Successive Linear Programming methods approximate the non-linear problem through a succession of linear problems. The Interior Point methods rely on the Artelys Knitro solver.

— FICO Xpress Mosel is a high-level algebraic modeling language combined with a programming language which is tightly integrated with FICO Xpress Solver.

It offers unique large scale optimization and enterprise feature like distributed modeling and optimization services including the cloud. It provides access to the most sophisticated modelling and analytic techniques for leveraging today’s high-performance multi-CPU, multi-sourced and multi-threaded processing environments.

 Xpress Mosel comes with a number of different data interfaces, most notably drivers text files, Excel files (native driver), ODBC enabled databases and Oracle databases (native driver). New drivers can be custom implemented easily if required. To embed Xpress Mosel in applications it comes with a fully featured API connecting it to all major programming languages like Java, C/C++ and .NET. 

Xpress Mosel comes with Xpress Workbench an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing optimization models, services and solutions.

Xpress Workbench provides a web-based collaborative code editor, syntax highlighting, code completion and folding, and contextual help for Mosel, VDL, XML, HTML/javascript, and R (among other languages).

— Xpress Insight supports the packaging and deployment of optimization models as FICO Xpress Solutions.

It reduces development time by up to 70% and enables business experts with modern web-based applications including:

  • Customized interfaces such as large network visualizations and map views, dashboards, Excel-like tables to represent optimization models in business terms.
  • Scenario creation and comparison to carry out what-if analysis and to understand dependencies and sensitivities within the problem.
  • Collaboration features to share scenarios with colleagues, work together to create an optimized strategy and present results for review to your manager.
  • Adaptive interfaces to provide tailored access to certain functionality based on user roles or privileges.

Based on a client-server architecture, Xpress Insight is highly scalable and seamlessly schedules optimization jobs (job queue system) on local or remote optimization services.

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