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The solutions we provide enable local decision makers to face complex territorial planning issues while putting cities and territories in the center of energy transition.

master territories knowledge, write scenarios about their future

— Artelys helps many territorial collectivities to get an energy expertise on their territories and to search the most relevant solutions for energy transition:

Territory knowledge

Energetical and environmental diagnosis

Renewable and recuperation energies analysis

Actors ecosystem diagnosis

Support in data valuation

Scenarios & Overall plans

Construction of energy transition scenarios

Studies and comparision of energetical actions to conduct

Energy distribution grids evolution and planning

Sizing studies and electric overall plans

Numerical modeling and monitoring tools

Territoral and multi-energy scenarios modeling

Monitoring tools for territorial evolutions

Courses and skills improvement support

Simulation and optimization tools for smart electrical grids

they trust us

Decision support system for territorial energy planning

— Artelys Crystal City is the reference tool for territorial energy planning. Its smart and advanded features are relevant added values to drive properly energy transition in territories.

the metropolis of Lyon – an example of success

— From 2014, Artelys has accompanied Lyon Metropolis Energy mission to create and configure a modeling tool for its energetical system, in order to elaborate its overall energy strategy.

Status report

Energetical and environmental territorial diagnosis

Renewable and recuperation energies analysis

Financial energy transition mechanisms diagnosis


Conception of the energy transition scenarios for the metropolis

Multi-jurisdictional dialogue of local and national energetical partners


Development of the tool Artelys Crystal City

Training for the metropolis users

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