In this study commissioned by ADEME, Artelys evaluated the economic and environmental benefits provided by the development of renewable and recovered energies on French territory. The study is part of the current debate on costs and benefits linked to the development of renewable energies and aims to supplement the socio-economic indicators produced by ADEME in the “Marché et emploi” study.

The approach followed by the study is to compare the historic energy mix (2000-2020) and the mix forecasted in the PPE (2020-2028) to a counterfactual scenario called “without new renewable energy” with a lower part of renewable energy. The benefits brought by the development of EnR&R are quantified by evaluating the primary and final energy consumption, the savings linked to the reduced fuel imports and the increased electricity exports, and the reduced GHG emissions on the territory and abroad. The scope of the study includes renewable energies and recuperation for electricity production, for heat production, biogas and biofuels, over a historical period (2000-2020) and a future period (2020-2028).

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