The French National Low Carbon Strategy sets ambitious objectives for decarbonization of the building sector through a strong electrification of heating use. Purely electric heat pumps are thus widely used in housing and are preferred to hybrid heat pumps. However, the hybrid heat pump (air/water heat pump with a gas condensing boiler as a back-up) offers benefits that do not seem to be fully exploited. In this context, GRDF commissioned Artelys to conduct a study to identify incentives for the development of hybrid heat pumps. To this end, the study estimates the value brought to the energy system by hybrid heat pumps compared to heat pumps with an electrical back-up, and then compares this system value to the value perceived by the consumer. The study has highlighted a significant imbalance between the benefits of hybrid heat pumps to the energy system and the current pricing signals to consumers. Indeed, the current pricing system does not make possible to take advantage of the load shedding capacity of hybrid heat pumps when the electricity network is very constrained, particularly during periods of extreme cold. A first reflection on economic incentive measures is then carried out for consumers to benefit from the advantages of hybrid heat pumps.

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