In this study launched by ATEE “Club Stockages” and 16 of its members and co-financed by ADEME, Artelys, with the help of CEA-Liten, studied the interest of electrical storage technologies (batteries, pumped storage station, etc.), thermal (heating and cooling) and power-to-gas (blending H2, methanation, power-to-hydrogen-to-power), in France in 2030 and 2050. The analysis focuses on the costs and benefits associated with the installation of energy storage or power-to-gas technologies in 15 case studies considered interesting a priori, around reference scenarios for the evolution of the energy system.

The study highlights the interest of heat and cold storage in electrified systems (networks and industries), of the smart charging of batteries of electric vehicles and PHS in all of the 2030 and 2050 scenarios, even if this result is of course conditioned by the evolution of the system (e.g. electrification of heat and transport) and the possible development of other competing flexibilities.

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