Artelys was commissioned by SolarPower Europe to conduct a study on the interdependency between the development of flexibility solutions in the European power system and a possible solar PV uptake on 2030 and 2040 time horizons. Artelys Crystal Super Grid was used to jointly optimize the hourly operation of the power system along with the investments in additional solar PV capacities, under 2030 and 2040 scenarios that represent gradual deployment levels for flexible capacities (stationary batteries, cross-border interconnections) and demand electrification (electric vehicles, heat pumps, electrolytic hydrogen generation). The study shows that scenarios with ambitious flexibility and electrification levels allow for advanced PV deployment, with solar capacities exceeding 1.2 TWDC in 2030 and 2.4 TWDC in 2040, respectively providing 32% and 39% of the EU power demand. This accelerated development of flexibility solutions also secures a strongly improved business case for solar PV, with lower curtailment rates and stronger capture prices, along with significant multi-sector cost savings and emission reductions thanks to advanced electrification.



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