SGN and SPEN, two of the main gas and electricity distributors in Scotland, have commissioned Artelys and E4Tech to study the potential of power-to-hydrogen in the East Neuk region of Scotland. Artelys has undertaken an assessment of the availability and quality of surpluses of carbon-free electricity in the East Neuk region and in Great-Britain, using a European-wide electricity market model powered by Artelys Crystal Super Grid. The East Neuk region was described in more detail so as to properly represent the constraints on electricity exchanges with the rest of GB. The assessment is based on seven scenarios of development of grid- or RES-connected electrolysis and hydrogen end-uses. The hydrogen applications that have been considered include injection of hydrogen into the gas network, hydrogen mobility, and creation of a hydrogen grid by repurposing a part of the gas network of the area. In the last case, natural gas is replaced by hydrogen in all applications (heating, industries, etc.). Finally, recommendations on policy and regulatory initiatives on the electricity and gas sides have been issued based on our findings.

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