Artelys Knitro 14: new release of our nonlinear optimization solver

31 January 2024

— We are pleased to announce that Artelys Knitro 14 is now available!

Artelys, a global leader in optimization solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of Artelys Knitro 14, the latest version of its flagship optimization software.

Artelys Knitro 14 marks a significant milestone in empowering organizations to solve complex nonlinear optimization challenges with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.

Key Features of Artelys Knitro 14:

 1. Enhanced Performance: Artelys Knitro 14 is 26% faster on convex mixed-integer nonlinear models (MINLP) thanks to the latest presolve, cut and parallel heuristics. With increased problem size limits and improved handling of non-linear constraints, users can address a wider range of real-world challenges across industries such as finance, energy, logistics, and robotics.

 2. Improved User Interface: Artelys Knitro 14 features an enhanced user interface, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. The software now boasts improved documentation, tutorials, and use cases, making it easier for both new and experienced users to leverage its powerful capabilities.

 3. Compatibility Upgrades: In response to user feedback, Artelys Knitro 14 includes updates for compatibility with the latest operating systems and programming languages. This ensures seamless integration into diverse computing environments, allowing users to leverage the software across various platforms. In particular, Apple Silicon users may now access Artelys Knitro through a native Matlab interface.

For a detailed breakdown of Artelys Knitro 14 features and improvements, please refer to our release notes.

Try Knitro 14


Artelys Knitro 14 is now available for download on Artelys website from your customer area. Users can explore the software’s features through a free trial or contact the Artelys team for licensing and pricing details.



Discover the use-cases that transform your ideas into practical realities, building a future where technology meets real needs in an exceptional way with Knitro.

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