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Optimizing sustainable electric power systems
Electric power systems are at the heart of the energy trilemma: affordability, sustainability and reliability. Powerful optimization software tools are required to plan electric power systems in order to achieve a twofold result: improving profitability of investments and ensuring reliable operating conditions.


  • Nonlinearities of power flow equations
  • Large optimization problem


  • Optimized power sytems with thousands of elements
  • Sustainable electric power systems

IPSO (Integrated Power System Optimizer) is a planning and analysis tool, developed by ENGIE Impact, for solving advanced Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problems. The tool allows users flexibility to tackle various problems that extend beyond traditional applications of OPF. Potential applications are the computation of the maximum power that can be securely transferred, the definition of an optimal investment plan to compensate the reactive power and keep the voltage within bounds and, lastly, the identification of preventive and/or corrective control actions needed to deal with failing equipment.

These applications consider the full complexity of real power systems, such as the nonlinearities of power flow equations and the discrete nature of numerous control variables. The resulting complex nonlinear and non-convex problems require a powerful nonlinear solver able to handle very large optimization problems. Artelys Knitro is the right answer to tackle these. Indeed, its state-of-the-art interior point method allows IPSO to optimize power systems with thousands of generation and transmission elements (e.g. power system of a country or of a part of a continent).

IPSO is used to plan and operate sustainable electric power systems all over the world, thanks to its efficiency in solving diverse OPF problems and its comprehensive diagnosis on the main constraining factors.


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