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Artelys Kalis


Constraint programming solver for large combinatorial problems


An interactive and user-friendly hybrid MIP/CP framework for large combinatorial problems.

Artelys Kalis is an innovative constraints programming component able to solve quickly and efficiently a wide range of combinatorial problems such as scheduling, timetabling, resource allocation, equipment or network configuration, etc.

Artelys Kalis is also available in FICO™ Xpress Optimization (Xpress-Kalis).


Furthermore, if you are an academic at a degree-awarding institution, you can join our Academic Partnership to receive a special discounted package. This package includes:

• Ten fixed annual PC licenses. Each license includes the latest version of Artelys Kalis (C++ callable library), exhaustive documentation, and ready-to-use tutorial examples.

• Rights to print or copy all documentation for teaching and research purposes.

Please contact us for more information.

Key benefits & features


Key benefits

• Limitless linear and non-linear modeling
• Rich semantics
• Flexible modeling
• Extreme performance with highly combinatorial and constrained problems
• More problems taken into consideration
• Object-oriented

Key features

• Includes a comprehensive library of constraints and search heuristics.
• Provides specialized modeling objects, constraints and search heuristics for scheduling and resource allocation problems.
• Includes User-defined constraints, search heuristics and callbacks.
• Automatic generation of LP or MIP relaxations for faster optimization runs.
New! Multi-threaded optimization for multi-core architectures.
• Defines a certain number of global relations (“global constraints”) over finite domain variables, including 'all-different', 'element', 'cycle', 'occurrence' (cardinality), 'equivalence' and 'implication'.
• Solves arithmetic constraints over floating point variables.
• Flexible definition of enumeration strategies: the user may choose among different branching schemes (determining the shape of the search tree), and define combinations of the built-in variable and value selection strategies with the user’s own heuristics.
• Defines high-level modeling objects to represent tasks and resources.
• Provides a fully extensible architecture to let users define their own search heuristics and constraints, even within the Xpress-Mosel language (see Xpress-Kalis).

Problem classes solved by Artelys Kalis

• General Mixed Integer Nonlinear Problems (MIP/MINLP)
• Process Planning and Scheduling
• Resource Allocation and Crew Rostering
• Vehicle Routing and Supply Chain Design

Programming interfaces

Operating systems

Business applications

All Artelys Kalis examples listed below are available for download.


Strategic healthcare/Defense

• Disaster evacuation plan for a big city

Production planning

• Cane sugar production
• Job-shop scheduling

Workforce planning

• Cinema personnel planning
• Emergency service planning


• Cargo-ship loading


• Airport scheduling of aircraft landing times
• Helicopter loading with centering constraints


• Frequency allocation for cellular network
• Frequency allocation for cellular network with polarity constraints


• Euler Knight
• Sudoku
• N-queens


Please feel free to contact us to receive more information regarding our business applications.


Coming soon!


Download a trial version

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  • This version is for students who want to use KALIS for educational purposes.

  • This version is for evaluating KALIS in the business world. Cannot be used for gain nor profit.

  • This version is for degree awarding institutions that want to evaluate KALIS for research or educational purposes.


Frequently asked questions

If you have question regarding Artelys Kalis, please contact us.

Artelys Kalis support

Artelys provides worldwide technical support and assistance for Artelys Kalis.

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