Use case

Energy optimisation of trajectories and coordination for cyclic multi-robot systems
Read how researchers in the automotive industry use Artelys Knitro in this article from “Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing”.


  • Complex assembly lines
  • Robots trajectories


  • Energy consumption decreased up to 14%
  • Trajectories improvements up to 50%

Automotive manufacturing industry is one of the largest users of industrial robotic technology. Robots are employed for manufacturing the car-body panels in complex assembly lines, such as cyclic multi-robot systems.

The ability of robots to cooperate is therefore essential to avoid collisions, mostly when they operate in close proximity. It is also critical for the productivity, since the determination of reliable and smooth robots’ trajectories minimizing the system’s energy consumption and cycle-time results in a higher productivity level.

Artelys Knitro is employed for solving such complex optimization problem allowing substantial improvements up to 50% smoother trajectories and 14% reduction in energy consumption.

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