Use case

Coordinated electric vehicle charging with reactive power support to distribution grids
See how researchers in electric vehicle transportation use Artelys Knitro in the article from “IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics”.


  • EV scheduling problem
  • Energy losses


  • EV penetration without impacting the grid
  • Coordinated dispatch of EVs

Electric vehicles (EVs) can provide services to electric power grids, thanks to their sizable power ratings and the flexibility of their charging patterns. If carried out in an uncoordinated way, charging a high number of EVs may have adverse impacts such as increased energy losses, voltage deviation, transformer overloading, etc.

The EV scheduling problem including reactive power support from EVs is a challenging problem which can be modelled using nonlinear programming.

Artelys Knitro allows to solve this complex problem efficiently, demonstrating that a coordinated dispatch of EVs considering active and reactive power constraints allows high EV penetration levels without impacting the grid.

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