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Artelys Knitro - Nonlinear optimization solver

 Artelys Knitro, the most advanced nonlinear optimization solver

Nonlinear optimization problems arise in numerous business and industry applications: portfolio optimization, optimal power flow, nonlinear model predictive control, Nash equilibrium problems. To address these challenging problems, customers in hundreds of sites worldwide rely on Artelys Knitro for its efficiency and robustness.


Artelys Knitro has been developed by Ziena Optimization since 2001. Since the acquisition of Ziena and its development team in 2015, Artelys is in charge of the software development and distribution worldwide.


The most advanced solver for nonlinear optimization

Solve nonlinear optimization problems with millions of variables. Learn more.


Efficient & robust solution on large scale problems

Four interior-point/active-set algorithms for NLP

Three MINLP algorithms for discrete optimization

Complementarity constraints for equilibrium problems

Parallel multi-start method for global optimization

Many extra features based on customer feedbacks

Easy to use and well documented


Portfolio optimization, optimal power flow, nonlinear model predictive control, Nash equilibrium problems

Widely used in academia and industry

More than 300 institutions in over 40 countries rely on Artelys Knitro. Learn more.


Top universities:

Berkeley, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford
Cath. Univ. of Chile, Univ. of São Paulo
Nat. Univ. of Singapore, Tsinghua Univ.
Univ. of Melbourne, Univ. of Queensland

A nonlinear optimization solver used in more than 40 countries worldwide

Artelys Knitro users map


Economic consulting firms
Financial institutions
Mechanical engineering companies
Oil & Gas companies
Regulatory & Policy makers
Software developers (as a third-party)

Get Artelys Knitro

Artelys Knitro is available for businesses, software vendors, academics and research institutes. Learn more.


Artelys Knitro is available as a stand-alone component or can be embedded into larger package (e.g., OEM software). Artelys’ consultants (PhD-level) are used to deploying enterprise-wide optimization solutions and will help you get the best performance out of Artelys Knitro. Contact us for further information.

Universities and Research Centers

Artelys offers partnership programs with universities, public training and research centers to promote teaching and research in optimization. Academic partners get Artelys Knitro at a discounted prices. Contact us for further information.

Try it for free!

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Artelys Knitro support

Artelys provides worldwide technical support and assistance for Artelys Knitro.

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