Use case

Robust nonlinear mathematical transmission expansion planning based on German electricity market simulation
Read how experts use Artelys Knitro to solve the transmission expansion planning in this article from “Electric Power Systems Research”.


  • Transmission expansion planning process
  • Network reinforcements


  • Large scale models developed
  • Optimized decision-making process

Relatively recent developments in power systems, such as the integration of renewable energy resources and the shift from centralized to decentralized energy generation technologies, have made transmission expansion planning problem (TEP) an essential but complex decision-making process.

TEP is a complex optimization problem that consists in determining where, when, and what reinforcements should be placed in the network, in order to guarantee consumers will be able to withdraw the desired quantity of electricity at all times, while making the transmission grid reliable, secure and stable as well as cost efficient.

Such a complex nonlinear optimization problem can be solved using Artelys Knitro which allows methodologies working for large-scale models to be solved in a robust and efficient way.

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