Use case

Optimizing resource extraction
Orica delivers value by enabling mining operations to reduce the amount of waste they process, leading to increased sustainability, greater profitability and a smaller environmental footprint.


  • Complex ore deposits
  • Multiple processes


  • Solved various industry challenges
  • Increased productivity with a virtual mining value chain integration

The mining industry faces sophisticated engineering problems arising from the need to develop increasingly complex ore deposits. One of the obstacles to solving complex engineering problems in the mining industry is the integration of all the processes in the mining value chain. The Integrated Extraction Simulator (IES) is an Orica-developed cloud-based simulation and optimization platform designed to integrate, predict and optimize all mining and mineral processing operations. It provides fast and accurate simulations of key mining processes from mine to final product.

Orica is working to solve various industry challenges, which makes Artelys Knitro an invaluable tool. It allows IES users to efficiently solve a wide range of problems, such as mass balance, calibration, and user-defined optimization problems. Indeed, users can build simulation flowsheets that IES can express as black-box functions, without known derivatives. In addition, the cloud deployment of Artelys Knitro makes it possible to use thousands of servers in parallel to complete simulations, which would take individual machine years to do, in the space of a few days.

IES provides productivity breakthroughs and new thinking in mining and metallurgical modeling, by creating a truly integrated virtual mining value chain, enabled by Artelys Knitro.

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