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Global supply chain pressures, international trade and inflation
Discover how Artelys Knitro addresses the challenges associated with measuring the distinct impacts of Covid-19 on various countries and economic sectors, as well as analyzing the persistent inflation generated by the pandemic while handling complementarity constraints within complex quantitative economic models.

In terms of drops in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and private consumption, the early phase of the Covid-19 pandemic can be categorized as the worst recession period in the US and Europe since the Great Depression of 1929.

While the global economy was hugely affected in a generalized manner, the impact on different economies’ sectors and countries were uneven. An explicit example can be spotted when looking at services sectors relying on face-to-face interactions (e.g., restaurants) versus online deliveries of goods and services.

Here, the authors propose various quantitative economic models to measure how different aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic have impacted price increases between the collapse and recovery periods of the global economy, i.e. from Q4-2019 to Q4-2021. Solving these complex models requires the optimization of non-linear problems, which is carried out using Artelys Knitro.

Thanks to Artelys Knitro, the authors were able to carry out a pertinent analysis of the persistent inflation generated by Covid-19. In addition, Artelys Knitro has the ability to handle complementarity constraints, making it a valuable tool for solving economic models and applications.

At the authors’ request, we would like to point out that this study was carried out without financial support from Artelys.

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