Power up your business performances thanks to AI and our new service package: Onboarding AI

1 February 2023

— The stakes of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become a strategic issue for companies, regardless of their field of activity or size. As an expert, Artelys provides you with full assistance, from the design stage to the implementation of your first AI solution, by building with and for your team a roadmap tailored to your business.
Diagnosing AI: assess the AI potential of your company
This action is to be carried out over a period of 4 weeks at a cost of €10,000 (funding schemes available subject to eligibility).

By the end of this diagnosis, you and your staff:

  • Will have increased your skills on data and AI issues,
  • Will have identified the strategic axes and business areas where the deployment of AI offers added value for your company,
  • Will benefit from concrete use cases and an AI roadmap specific to your company.
  • Launching AI: implement your first AI solution

    This action is carried out over a period of 2 to 4 months at a cost of €25,000 to €40,000 (funding schemes available subject to eligibility).

    The aim is to deliver you with a first AI solution enabling the assessment of direct benefits generated by the implementation of AI. This action can be combined with our Diagnosing AI offer, allowing you, after determining your different use cases, to implement the one identified as:

    • Having a significant added value for your business,
    • Having a high return on investment quickly after its deployment.
    Financing schemes
    Artelys is referenced as an expert by the Région Grand Est and the Région Île-de-France. As a French SME or ETI and according to your localization you may be eligible to some grants:

  • Up to 50% funding for the realization of each component of our Onboarding AI package,
  • Subventions are subject to conditions.
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