ADEME presentation of a study on the evolution of the electricity mix

17 January 2019 | EN | News

— On 1 February 2019 ADEME will present the study « Trajectoires d'évolution du mix électrique 2020-2060 », carried out by Artelys, to key French stakeholders.

ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, will present on 1 February 2019 the key results of the study « Trajectoires d’évolution du mix électrique 2020-2060 » during an event gathering around 100 French experts and stakeholders. This study, undertaken by Artelys, presents seven contrasted evolutions of the French electricity mix, interconnected with neighbouring electricity systems. The electricity mixes are obtained by carrying out an economic optimisation of the trajectory of investments using Artelys Crystal Super Grid. This tool jointly optimises the evolution of the installed capacities between 2020 and 2060, and the detailed operational management of the European power system (hourly time-steps for seven climatic years). Using this approach allows us to carefully assess the costs associated with the variability of solar and wind power.

This study is a first at the European level due to the size and the level of detail of the model (520 million optimisation variables, 670 million constraints). Artelys has relied on the use of high performance computing infrastructure and on innovative decomposition techniques, developed during the POST project, which was supported by ADEME.

Artelys Knitro 11.1: Solve derivative free problems faster than ever!

Artelys Knitro 11.1: Solve derivative free problems faster than ever!

— A new version of Artelys Knitro is now available! This update comes with clear improvements on derivative-free optimization problems, including for our users connecting Knitro to black-box simulators. These improvements manifest themselves with particular clarity when using finite-differences to approximate first order derivatives thanks to a new termination criterion.

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