Optimizing customer support activities with Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer

22 February 2021

— With more than 20 years of expertise in Artificial Intelligence applied to its customers' business challenges, Artelys shares a series of articles detailing the use cases of its Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer solution within different industries.

Artelys has worked for more than 100 clients, among them SFR and other leading telecommunication operators, EDF, Engie, and RATP (Paris Metropolitan Transport Authority). For 15 years, Artelys has successfully developed solutions applied to the optimization of customer support activities for its clients.

Customer support activities are an essential interface between a company and its customers. While they are crucial to the quality of the customer experience and the attractiveness of a company’s services and products, they can represent significant costs. These activities’ complex and diverse constraints leave room for planning optimization that can result insignificant cost savings, while maintaining the targeted level of service.

Achieving performance with respect to these criterions is complex because the following dimensions have to be simultaneously considered:

  • Uncertainty as to the volume of future customer requests, for each channel of communication (email, chat, call, etc.).
  • The diversity of customer requests (cancellation, invoicing, support for the use of the service or tool, request for intervention, etc.) and the panel of skills it mobilizes to answer them.
  • The synchronicity (e.g. call) or asynchronicity (e.g. e-mail or mail) of the operations to be performed to answer the customer’s request
  • The level of service to respect according to the contractual commitments or quality objectives retained for each type of client (professional, priority, private individual, etc.).
  • Individual customer support representatives’ skills.
  • Subcontracting agreements that may exist with call centers external to the company (smoothing of allocated volumes ordered from one month to the next with each center, minimum orders, etc.).
  • The organization’s social responsibility towards its employees (e.g. minimum/maximum number of working hours per day/week/month/year, segmentation of working days, breaks, vacations, skill development)
The stakes are threefold:
  1. Minimize operating costs
  2. Ensure that the level of service contracted with each category of customer is respected
  3. Ensure that the organization’s contractual commitments to its subcontractors and employees are respected

To help its clients deal with activity planning and resource allocation in constrained environments, Artelys has developed a highly configurable decision support software solution based on the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies: Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer.

Deploying Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer to support your customer support planning activities will result in a high Return on Investment thanks to:

A reduced planning time for your planning team:

  • A centralized tool, fully integrated to your business processes and information system
  • An automated and systematic prediction of your load and scheduling of your customer service representative teams’ activities, still adjustable by your planning team


An optimal planning for your customer service representative teams’ activities meaning:

  • Maximized operational efficiency and service levels
  • Minimized costs

To understand how Artelys can support you in the development of a complete prediction and optimization solution applied to the planning of customer support activities, whether for sizing subcontracting agreements with partner centers or in-house, read our white paper describing our complete approach:

Feel free to contact us would you be interested in a demonstration of our software or any additional information.


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