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Supply chains optimization
Distribution and transport planning

Be at the top of your game, have a head start against competitors, be flexible to your customer’s needs, and keep control of your environment. These are some of the reasons why it is imperative for your company’s growth to start and maintain the optimization of its supply chain.

Artelys provides a global analysis of the supply chain including each component and all its stakeholders. Artelys provides a tactical and strategic reorganization of the supply chain improving its performance and reliability, making it more flexible and responsive.

Artelys has developed a network dimensioning tool named Artelys Network Designer (part of Artelys Crystal) based on their advanced skills in numerical optimization and their international experience in the logistics field. This tool is an innovative solution that develops extensive quantitative studies on multimodal large-sized networks.

A global analysis of the supply chain

Artelys works closely with its clients for a complete analysis of their companies’ values:

• Performance: Production, storage, distribution, customer service, returns…
• Transactions: Orders, procurements, transports…

Artelys works closely with its clients at different levels:

• Tactical: Forecast systems, production, distribution and transport planning…
• Strategic: Implantation, analyzing warehouse locations, sourcing suppliers, production strategy…

An expert approach for supply chain optimization

Artelys has worked for over 10 years with its clients and has developed a strong experience in the field of optimization. Its unique approach includes three phases:

Operational management

*SC = Supply Chain

Artelys consultants identify sources of progress with rapid improvement in returns (quick-wins) and then make a series of strategic changes optimizing the performance of the whole supply chain for long term success.


Examples of Artelys' projects

Analysis of the production and distribution master plan of an oil and gas network

• Analyzed the network structure and highlighted the conditions of the price and volume market over 10 years 
• Developed a modeling of the different costs of each mode of distribution (pipeline, ship, truck, train) and identified  new transport bonds

Development of the master plan of the production of tires in Europe

• Studied the production plan up to 5 years
• Designed the logistics network taking into account the plants’ location and the localization of new production plants and hubs
• Developed an optimization software specific  for the production plan. The company planned its production via the software to have the most accurate plan, reducing costs and wastes

Integration of a VMI model in a liquid gas supply chain

• Defined new models to predict customer consumption

Planning vehicle transportation from the factories to the car dealers

• Analyzed the supply chains of the car manufacturers
• Identified optimization opportunities in service quality (compliance with delivery date planned with the dealers) 
• Analyzed multiple scenarios resulting in new modes of transportation in Europe

Design of a freight rail network and study of multiples scenarios reallocating resources

• Analyzed the adequacy between supply  and demand
• Defined the major cargo railways and optimized of the frequency of assignments


* VMI (Vendor Management Inventory) is a method where inventory management is the responsibility of the supplier. The client does not deal with the supplies.