Nicolas, Data science project manager

29 November 2023

I was actively seeking a job with a variety of tasks while continuing to develop my technical skills. At Artelys, this balance is possible. 

What are your previous experiences of work/studying and your position within Artelys?

I started working at Artelys in September 2021, which is almost two years as of now!

I have a dual background, holding an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique, where I mainly studied applied mathematics and computer science, and a Ph. D. in computer science. I completed my doctorate through a CIFRE program in an INSERM laboratory, focusing on topics at the intersection of reinforcement learning and natural language processing.

After completing my thesis, my goal was to apply machine learning and AI techniques in areas that particularly interested me, with faster application perspectives than in the academic world. It was only natural for me to apply to Artelys, a company that not only invests in the energy and transportation sectors but also stands out for its advanced expertise in technical consulting.

I learned about Artelys through “Shift Your Job”, a website run by the Shift Project, which highlights companies working for energy transition.

I am working on three types of assignments:

  • Software development projects for energy sector skateholders
  • Collaborative research projects in which Artelys is a partner
  • Client missions to conduct studies for various public or private entities


Can you introduce a project you worked on recently?

I am currently working with an energy distribution network where we are developing software to calculate the climate correction of energy consumption data according to weather conditions. The idea is to calculate energy consumption that would have been observed under “normal” weather conditions, to better understand and isolate the actual impact of climate on consumption. This enables the identification of consumption trends related to climatic variations and adjusting forecasts accordingly. For the user, the software is accessed through a web interface, allowing them to launch calculations and analyze the results. Behind the scenes, a calculation engine orchestrates the various steps of a methodology developed in collaboration with the client, leveraging various Data Science techniques.

The final usage involves an operational process that the client needs to perform every month to recalculate energy consumption at normal temperature and compare this adjusted consumption with that of the previous year. The goal is to understand consumption trends and shed light on these values in the context of the economic situation. These results are intended for policymakers to inform public policies.

One of the most interesting aspects of this project is its context, which combines significant business challenges for the client with R&D phases for establishing the calculation methodology and developing software that meets operational requirements.

What do you like the most about your work environment?

I really enjoy collaborating directly with clients to gain insight on their issues.

Artelys is a genuinely nice place to combine this professional interest with a strong technicality, surrounded by very competent and caring people.

How would you sum up Artelys in three words?


Trust in one’s colleagues is established very quickly.


We are surrounded by highly competent individuals with diverse expertise and the exchange are very enriching on a technical level. 


I was initially looking to work on topics that are meaningful to me, and that’s what I find in this company.

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