Symmetry breaking strategies for mixed-integer nonlinear programming

Why join Artelys?

Artelys is an international company based in France (HQ), with offices in Brussels (Belgium), Spain (Madrid) and Montréal (Canada).  Artelys is specialized in optimization, decision-making and modeling. Relying on their high level of expertise in quantitative methods, Artelys’ consultants deliver efficient solutions to complex business problems. They provide services to numerous industries: Energy & Environment, Logistics & Transportation, Telecommunications, Finance, Defense, etc. 

Artelys offers a wide variety of services, including software solutions (optimization solvers, business specific solutions & specific software developments), consulting, project management assistance, training, etc. For instance, Artelys develops Artelys Knitro, a state-of-the-art solver for nonlinear and mixed-integer nonlinear optimization. 

INTERNSHIP description

Mathematical programs often contain symmetries that lead to redundant effort during the search if they are not handled properly. There is a wide scientific literature on symmetry handling strategies for mixed-integer linear programs. The goal of this internship is to integrate symmetry breaking strategies into Artelys Knitro and generalize them for nonlinear problems


The candidate must be in his/her last year of master’s degree in computer science and/or applied mathematics with a solid background in Operations Research. 

Required skills: 

  • Knowledge of linear and mixed-integer linear programming
  • Knowledge of convex optimization and nonlinear programming .
  • Programming in C and C++
  • Fluent in English

Appreciated competence:

  • Combinatorial optimization, graph theory, computational complexity
  • Skills in algorithms design and implementation
  • Programming in Python, R, Java
  • Fluent in French


The duration of the internship is 6 months. The internship will take place in our Lyon office. The internship may lead to a long-term job offer.


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