High performance computing and parallelization

Simulating complex physical systems and solving large problems requires computing power far beyond what can be achieved with a simple desktop computer. Moreover, with Big Data, the computational performance requirement is becoming more important day by day.
HPC (or High-Performance Computing) is thus becoming an essential tool for industry and research today and tomorrow. A large part of the training will be devoted to an implementation work on a virtual distributed infrastructure.


• Presenting the fundamental principles and best practices of HPC computing on distributed architectures. 
• Understanding the new challenges of HPC in the cloud. 
• Putting knowledge into practice on well-known examples from the scientific and industrial world.


This training is intended for engineers and researchers likely to use HPC and wishing to acquire a first experience or cluster users looking to update their knowledge on the latest technologies.


The speakers are Artelys optimization engineers experienced in the use of HPC. 


Presentation of High-Performance Computing 
• Main issues and need of parallelization.
• Application examples.
• Hardware and software components of High-Performance Computing (processors, memory, applications for the implementation of parallelization on the hardware).
• Performance measurement of calculations and improvement techniques.
• Introduction to parallelism performance indicators.

Architecture of HPC systems 
Shared memory architecture. 
Distributed memory architecture.
Hybrid architectures.

High-performance architecture management systems: Scheduling and Load-balancing with a high-performance infrastructure management system.

• Performance metrics and monitoring.
• Overview of the main systems: SGE, SLURM, OpenPBS, Torque and Celery.
• Scalables cloud technologies: Container as a Service, K8S and Knative, Azure et AWS Batch, Parallel Cluster – GCP Cloud HPC Toolkit – Azure CycleCloud.

Setting up an HPC cluster:
• Setting up a local cluster with Docker.
• Launching first jobs.
• Installing apptainer.
• Building apptainer images.
• Launching containerized jobs.




Training Duration
2 days

Entire Catalog
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