High performance computing and parallelization with MPI
— The simulation of complex physical systems and large-scale problem solving require massive computing power. With the introduction of Big Data, computational performance requirement increases even more. High-Performance Computing is an essential tool for research and industry. This course will focus on cluster implementation.


Introduce HPC on distributed architecture’s fundamental principles and good practices.    
Master the use of MPI library. 
Practical application with well-known examples (research and industry). 


Engineers and researchers aiming to use HPC and gain initial experience.  


The speakers are Artelys engineers with in-depth expertise in using HPC. 


Presentation of High-Performance Computing 
Main issues and necessity of parallelization. 
Examples of applications.
Hardware and software components of High-Performance Computing (processors, memory, applications allowing the implementation of parallelization on the hardware).
Measurement of computational performance and improvement techniques. 
Introduction to parallelism performance indicators.

Architecture of HPC systems 
Shared memory architecture. 
Distributed memory architecture.
Hybrid architectures.

High-performance architecture management systems: Scheduling and Load-balancing with SGE 

Implementation of parallelization 
Concepts of message exchange. Programming interfaces. 
Parallel computing in MPI (Message Passing Interface).
MPI-1: Number of processes, process number. Point to point communications. Collective communications. Communicators. Topologies.
MPI-2: Dynamic process management. Parallel I/O. Memory to memory communication.
Libraries and interfaces.

Practical work 
Getting started with MPI in Python through MPI4Py.
Parallel simulations in MPI. 
Implementation of optimization algorithms with MPI.




Next session
June 2023

Special session available
(Minimum of 4 participants, on-site or online)

Training Duration
2 days

Training cost
Inter-company: €1,800 excluding taxes per person
In-house: €9,000 excluding taxes per session
This includes the materials, meals, coffee, and handouts. Computers are provided.

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