Optimal scheduling of car manufacturing post-production assembly operations

19 October 2022

— Artelys has delivered Toyota with a computation algorithm to optimally plan post-production assembly operations.
Toyota post-production activity planning
Toyota Motor Europe (TME) is in charge of manufacturing and distribution activities of Toyota in Europe. A customer buying a vehicle from a Toyota retailer can add some options to the vehicle such as a navigation system, a towing bar or a parking assist system. To minimise the delivery time, these options are added to the vehicle in a different workshop from the one hosting the assembly line, closer to the final Toyota retailer.

The scheduling of post-production activities is complex because:

  • The installation activities require specific resources,
  • They require versatile operators’ skills,
  • They are spread among different shifts,
  • Vehicles have delivery deadlines.
  • Therefore, a careful scheduling of work orders is needed to ensure smooth and optimized operations.

    A Toyota post-production assembly workshop.

    Artelys operational computation module

    In order to improve the scheduling process of the following day’s activities, Artelys has developed an operational computation module deployed as a micro-service that is directly integrated into the application developed in-house by TME for their planning processes.

    The developed module schedules the activities of the following day while optimising several metrics using Artelys Kalis, a constraint-programming solver with an interface dedicated to scheduling problems. The process of creating the following day’s schedule has been improved by replacing a tedious manual Excel process and has been shortened from approximately 2.5 hours to less than 30 minutes, while building solutions of better quality.

    The computing speed allows for intra-day re-scheduling whenever a contingency occurs, as Artelys’ solution allows to schedule up to thousands of tasks in less than a minute. The solution is in use 7 days a week and is progressively deployed in all TME workshops.

    If you want to know more about Artelys optimization services, check out our dedicated web page or contact us!

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