Artelys perform smart grid cost-benefit analysis with open-source PowSyBl-Metrix

17 May 2023

Artelys demonstrated how to perform cost-benefit analysis of new transmission assets in a smart grid during a webinar hosted by the Linux Foundation Energy and the Global Power System Transformation Consortium showing the strength of the prominent open-source grid computation tool PowSyBl-Metrix.
Smart grid reinforcements for the energy transition

The strategic enhancement of the grid appears as a key condition to support the energy transition, which represents very heavy investments. These investments can be alleviated thanks to the smart grid management, in particular through the implementation of advanced preventive and curative actions strategies (e.g. transmission switching). These management strategies have to be properly modeled in grid simulation tools in order to perform adequate cost-benefit analysis.

Advanced power grid simulation

PowSyBl (Power System Blocks) is an open-source framework hosted at the Linux Foundation Energy dedicated to electrical grid simulation (Optimal Power Flows, security analysis, dynamic simulation). It includes features for grid data management (import from several formats including CIM-CGMES, extensions, extractions, merges, node-breaker to bus-branch transformation). It is mainly written in Java, has a Python interface, and uses C libraries for internal intensive computations that can be distributed on HPC clusters.

PowSyBl-Metrix is dedicated to power grid simulations for grid expansion planning in contexts with high penetration of variable renewable energy sources. Therefore, it is tuned for the simulation of a large number of annual hourly scenarios. It can either simulate or optimize preventive and curative remedial actions like redispatching, load and generation curtailment, transmission switching (topological actions), phase shifter tap position and HVDC line set point adjustment while enforcing security constraints both on the base case (N) and contingency cases (N-k). It relies on a Security-Constrained DC Optimal Power Flow (SC-DCOPF) supported by a 100-time faster computation of sensitivity factors based on the Woodbury matrix identity and a specially tuned open-source Mixed Integer Programming solver (Sirius). As a result, the solution is both very efficient and fully open-source as it does not rely on a commercial solver. For optimal performances, it can also be used with commercial solvers like FICO Xpress through OR-tools.

Artelys’ contribution on behalf of RTE

Using its expertise in the power grids field, Artelys built up a use case assessing the benefits of a specific grid reinforcement based on the Reliability Test System of the Grid Modernization Lab Consortium lead by NREL (RTS-GMLC) a hypothetical power network in order to assess the power of the software. The results illustrate the speed and efficiency of PowSyBl-Metrix for smart grid reinforcement cost-benefit analysis studies.

Based on annual nodal demand timeseries as well as dispatchable and non-dispatchable generation in a flow-constrained power grid, Artelys simulated in record time the system and computed key-performance indicators like dispatch and congestion costs. In particular, the tool provides the optimal flow solution satisfying the demand while avoiding any violation of the flow limits for each network element, and this, for all 120 single-branch contingencies (N-1). On one RTS-GMLC annual scenario of 8760 hours, PowSyBl-Metrix needed only 35 seconds to give all the hourly cost-optimal and security-constrained dispatch.

Furthermore, Artelys also published a 6 nodes network tutorial with both instructions and solutions so that anyone can assess the power of PowSyBl-Metrix. It illustrates all its features on a simpler grid where the actions can be easily understood.


If you want to try PowSyBl-Metrix by yourself, please find the link to a complete tutorial on a simple 6 nodes network and the related webinar.

With the mastery of state-of-the-art solutions such as PowSyBl-Metrix, Artelys expands its range of services in the power grid planning field. If you want to know more about how Artelys can support you in grid-related actions, you can contact us.

Join us at the METIS 3 dissemination event organized by Artelys!

Join us at the METIS 3 dissemination event organized by Artelys!

— Artelys is thrilled to invite you to the METIS 3 Dissemination Event taking place on 17 April. During this online event, we will present the latest results of the METIS project and discuss the benefits of using advanced multi-energy modelling solutions such as METIS for energy and climate policymaking.

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