Artelys leverages mathematical optimization for energy systems operations

13 May 2021

— Watch the video presenting the Artelys Crystal Energy Planner software, entirely dedicated to the operational scheduling of energy systems.

Energy system operators run power or heat production equipment, networks, storage facilities or industries under very constrained conditions. They make trade-offs to achieve the best economic performance while handling technical constraints (e.g. start-up ramps), environmental constraints (e.g. maximum emissions), and regulatory constraints (e.g. accepted hydraulic spill). Their decision range is restricted: building a feasible schedule may already be challenging. Yet, in many cases, numerous flexibilities can be activated to make the most of the equipment: e.g. multi-energy sources, multi-commodities, flexibility within the structure of supply or delivery contracts, provision of ancillary services, management of demand flexibility, aggregation via several assets, participation to one or several markets.

To enable energy system operators to make the most of their assets, Artelys has developed Artelys Crystal Energy Planner. Now available in an easy-to-use web version, embedding powerful forecasting and mathematical optimization algorithms, it allows energy system models to be customized to perfectly replicate all asset constraints while modeling flexibilities and associated revenues/costs. It offers an end-to-end solution for optimized planning, including forecasting of key quantities, integrating with the existing IT environment, and allowing the definition of multi-level planning processes and workflows (for geographical or temporal segmentation of your decision-making).

To discover this innovative solution, we offer to start by estimating the full economic, environmental and organizational ROI (Return on investment) for your specific system before any deployment.

Contact our team of experts for more information, and watch our demo video!


New method for energy mix pathway optimization problems

New method for energy mix pathway optimization problems

— Planning for the energy transition requires the ability to optimize energy system development pathways, considering complex interactions and constraints, particularly concerning interactions between sectors and vectors. In this context, Artelys has developed a new method for solving these large-scale mathematical problems.

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