Artelys develops an AI solution to automate feedback analysis on Paris’ city provided services

2 September 2021

— Artelys is working with the Paris City Council on the development of data-centric solutions. These projects aim at making the most of the data available to the Parisian community in order to improve the quality of public policies.

Artelys has developed, on behalf of the City of Paris, an automatic analysis and classification solution for comments left by the users of the “Dans Ma Rue” mobile app (literally “In My Street”). It facilitates the collection, structuration, and feedback to the relevant departments of negative comments left by users so as to improve the processing of reports to the benefit of Parisians.


The « Dans Ma Rue » mobile app

To improve the quality of public space and better address the expectations of Parisians in a participatory approach, within its digital plan (More information on the digital plan in French), the City of Paris has developed the “Dans Ma Rue” application to enable parisians report any anomaly observed in the public space or any degradation of city equipment (damaged street furniture, graffiti, potholes, etc.).

Following the interventions of the city workers, the users of the application are invited to evaluate their satisfaction and have to leave a comment to explain their dissatisfaction in case of a low score.

An operational solution to monitor the quality of service

Artelys worked hand in hand with the Paris City Council teams to develop a dashboard to monitor the activity of the application’s users. To precisely meet their needs, Artelys has collected the requirements and developed the application’s functionalities iteratively.

The developed solution is based on powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms in order to interpret text in natural language. Through stemming techniques (identification of word’s root), Part Of Speech (POS) tagging (identification of word function in the sentence), etc., the algorithms automatically interpret comments.

After interpreting the messages, Artificial Intelligence algorithms synthesize the information by classifying the comments into categories of dissatisfaction (processing delay, service not provided, service partially provided, etc.). Artelys’ team developed a dashboard within the Paris City Council reporting tools (Dig Dash). It enables the City Council staff to analyze the comments according to geographical or temporal criteria. For example, each department can visualize the satisfaction rate by district.

This information is then used to adjust their action plans and maintain an optimal quality of service despite a continuously growing number of users

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