Your journey with Artelys Crystal Super Grid continues in the Cloud!

16 September 2022

— Artelys is proud to announce the release of the cloud version of Artelys Crystal Super Grid, the latest version of its energy system simulation solution.

Artelys Crystal Super Grid provides a comprehensive web platform that will help you evaluate the costs and benefits of infrastructure projects, assess the impacts of policy proposals, and optimize investments in generation assets, energy networks, and flexibility solutions. Models representing the electricity, natural gas, hydrogen and heat systems can be easily created, modified, shared, simulated and analysed via an intuitive user interface. 

State-of-the art multi-energy simulation solution 

Thanks to its cloud version, enjoy a single platform that gives you the power to use an extensive library of multi-energy models with:

  • Electricity generation technologies
  • Flexibility solutions
  • Gas production and imports
  • LNG terminals
  • Hydrogen production and storage
  • Heat demand assets
  • Long-term contracts
  • And much more, all within the same web platform!

    The robust new version produces stochastic simulations that allow users to fully capture the impacts from the uncertainty related to variable renewable energy sources, outages, or policy decisions. The new capabilities include a capacity expansion planning that lets you find the optimal investments across temporal and geographical dimensions. 

    Figure 1: Map and KPI interfaces in the Artelys Crystal Super Grid platform
    Easy-to-use modeling platform 

    Built for collaboration with easy sharing of scenarios and results, Artelys Crystal Super Grid allows users to navigate their datasets and share insights with team members without the need of complex and error-prone import and export processes. Finally, transparency is at the core of Artelys Crystal Super Grid – all the models are well documented, all assumptions and results are accessible to the user.

    Moreover, the high-performance cloud computing offers a worry-free experience, with simulation results being made available automatically when ready. 

    Artelys Crystal Super Grid is more than just a software solution. In addition to a fast-track initialization phase, our experts are here to accompany you throughout your project. Our services can include: 

  • The Artelys Crystal Super Grid modelling platform 
  • The Artelys Crystal Optimization Engine with high-performance cloud computing capabilities
  • Simulation-read datasets
  • In-depth trainings by Artelys energy specialists 
  • Software Support & Maintenance (incl. updates) 
  • Expert modelling support services (optional) 
  • With regular upgrades that include the introduction of new features, Artelys Crystal Super Grid is truly a revolution in the approach to energy modeling and simulation. 

    Don’t wait to try our best-in-class multi-energy simulation solution, request your free trial! 

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