Artelys tackles road safety challenge with the Loiret department in France

5 February 2020

Artelys will be present at the Roadshow, on February 14th at Orléans, Loiret, France. We will present our platform prototype of smart road safety data management, developed in the collaboration of the Loiret department and several actors of the mobility sector.


This events is part of BE GOOD European project (Building an Ecosystem to Generate Opportunities in Open Data). Its goal is to promote the development of new services and usages from public open data.


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The event


The Road Show which will take place at Orléans will provide 3 SMEs with the opportunity to present the prototype they have realized. Artelys will present the web platform prototype it has made available to the Loiret department. Its function is to perform smart data management, and predictive analysis of road safety and various related data streams of the territory.

After the presentation session, Artelys will participate in a round table and a quiz focussing on the topic of public open data and their different use.

Finally  time will be dedicated to free exchange between participants (“speed meetings”). Artelys will be happy to welcome you and will demonstrate the capabilities of its prototype.


SAFER ROADS project: intelligent data management of road safety


The Loiret department is a member of the European project INTERREG NWE BE-GOOD which promotes usage of public open data in the areas of infrastructure and environment by young companies.

Its approach relies on 10 commercial prototypes of new pubic services based on web services, which all answer to a transnational “challenge” related to traffic management, air and water quality, infrastructure maintenance.

The Loiret department and Artelys are in charge of the challenge “SAFER ROADS” whose goal is to bring characteristicsby data valorisation for road safety improvement. Several actors are collaborating to provide data: public administration of the department (GIS, Road Observatory, Infrastructure administration), police forces (Gendarmerie Nationale), firemen (SDIS), insurance companies (Mondial Assistance, Thelem) and navigation services (Waze, Coyote)


Key insights of Artelys prototype


The web platform will be made available to the public administration, stakeholders but also to citizens. It will provide insights and enable prevention actions like targeting infrastructure operations, planning police forces interventions, and eventually informing citizens about the accident risk allowing them to adapt their behaviour to avoid such risks.

  • A data warehouse with harmonized multi-source data streams and additional information on the context. This data is directly usable through requests or simple dashboard visualization.
  • More than 24 000 accidents from the previous 10 years located on the road network and complemented by infrastructure and context information
  • 5 thematic dashboards to analyze influence of multiple variables on the accident risk (infrastructure, speed, traffic, seasonality, weather, accident situation, aggravating factors).
  • A prediction algorithm which evaluates, on the road network, the risk level of accidents for a given future context. This algorithm is being developed and relies on supervised machine learning using decision trees.

This prototype relies on Kibana and Elastic Search technology. It is still being developed by Artelys. A first functional release has already been made available to the department on its computer server.



  • 09h00-09h30 Reception
  • 09h30-09h45 Welcome speech by Christian Braux (electedrepresentative of the Loiret department) and introduction by the lead partner of BE GOOD project
  • 09h45-10h10 Pitch of their solution by 3 french SMEs: Nexterité, Enéo and Artelys
  • 10h10-10h45 Round table (questions/answers)
  • 10h45-11h00 Questions of the participants
  • 11h00-11h30 Quiz
  • 11h30-12h30 Speed meeting (quick exchange between the 3 SMEs and the participants)
  • 12h30-14h00 Cocktail



Open Space 18 rue Eugène Vignat, 45000 Orléans

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