The Federal Planning Bureau is an independent public agency which forecasts, studies and analyses policy measures. Its main mission is to support the political decision-making process. In order to facilitate the analysis of the long-term challenges faced by the Belgian power sector, the European Commission has granted a licence of METIS to the FPB, thereby allowing Belgium to become the first Member State to use and test METIS. The FPB plans to use METIS to evaluate the impact of energy and climate related policies and measures on the Belgian power system. The elaboration of the Belgian integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) will benefit from the insights gained through the simulations run with METIS.

Artelys experts have installed the METIS model on FPB computers, and provided training sessions to its staff. Furthermore, the FPB benefits from Artelys’ support and assistance, throughout their use of METIS.

Artelys is particularly pleased to continue a fruitful collaboration with the FPB. Indeed, the FPB already relies on Artelys Crystal Super Grid to perform studies on themes such as system adequacy and the nuclear merit-order effect on Belgian wholesale power prices. METIS therefore reinforces the power system modelling capabilities of the FPB.

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