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Real-time planning tool
Modeling traffic
Management of transportation infrastructures

With its advanced experience in optimization and forecasting techniques, Artelys helps the key players in all areas of the transportation sector by overcoming multiple challenges. For example, adapting the transportation network to the changing demands and standards in the industry, ensuring the quality of service to their clients, and entering new markets in a highly competitive environment.

Artelys is a valuable help to the company and its stakeholders to facilitate the decision making regarding investments, transport planning, and other issues in this field.

Artelys supports its clients via strategic analysis and the implementation of business solutions through:

• Modeling Traffic: traffic forecasting, distribution of travel demands, integration of a model* of modal choice, etc.

• Management of the infrastructures: elaborate investment strategies, maintenance planning, safety and vulnerability analysis, etc.

• Transportation Planning: development, route optimization, immediate re-planning if an incident occurs, etc.

Optimization of resources: fleet renewal, crew scheduling, dispatching of goods, location and sizing of warehouses and maintenance centers, sizing of vehicle fleets (trucks, locomotives, aircraft, and boats), etc.

Artelys is always meeting customers’ needs and their challenges. One demonstration of this practice is when Artelys collaborated with the “National Corporation of French Railways” to develop planning tools for freight transportation.  The project was an overwhelming success and a popular topic of discussion in the “French Society of Operations Research and Decision Support”.


Examples of projects and optimization of transport networks

Modeling the transportation demands and captivity effects for public transportation in the Paris area. Actions taken

• Based on the mode or reason of transportation, Artelys analyzed the flow from point A to point B and zones associated 
• Defined and calibrated a model* of modal choice 
• Studied the distribution of the population and employment in Paris region

Planning vehicle transportation from the factories to the car dealers. Actions taken

• Analyzed the supply chains of the car manufacturers 
• Identified optimization opportunities in service quality (compliance with delivery date planned with the dealers)
• Analyzed multiple scenarios resulting in new modes of transportation in Europe

Creating an optimized production plan for railways in order to analyze main freights

• Optimized and sized the resources to improve the freight transport
• Reduced the transport costs

Deployment of a maintenance planning solution for subways and trams - Artelys Maintenance Planner -

• Developed an ergonomic software facilitating the management of maintenance plans 
• Created a solution for the maintenance by optimizing their operations

Development of an immediate rescheduling tool for subways

• Developed of a rail simulator capable of counter acting a technical incident
• Investigators Working Group analyzed the network to develop a model able to reroute all the subway lines for a rapid return to the default schedule in case an incident occurs
• Evaluated the efficiency of the solution via real data