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 Mesh Network Optimization
Design and operation of a wireless transmission network

Artelys highlights the important role of the mathematical techniques for the decision making in the telecommunications sector. In an economic world where the competitors and the services are increasing, the industry players must find a good compromise between the standards of quality, the service, and the cost control. The experience of Artelys enhances the management of the increasing complexity of the networks and the sporadic traffic.

Artelys offers its clients, operators and equipment manufacturers, a complete range of services and tools for decision making including the design and the management of telecommunication networks. The expertise of the company covers the numerical optimization, modeling of random phenomena, and the data’s analysis.  Artelys’ numerous services combine mathematical optimization and techniques to forecast the future in order to satisfy the needs of executive boards, operational and / or R & D departments.

These services include:

• Network Design: traffic demand forecasts, bandwidth optimization, analysis of the quality of service of the various data offers, and establishing a pricing policy.

• Design and operation of a wireless transmission network: calibration of radio propagation models*, optimization of the location and the configuration of antennas, and the allocation of frequencies and/ or codes

• Mesh Network Optimization: choosing the appropriate topology, routing optimization, optimal management of the level of aggregation, strength and protection against failures, and social network analyses

• Configuration and specification of Internet Protocols: optimization of applicable parameters, specification of algorithms and adaptive coding, optimization of multicast sessions, specifying peer to peer* architecture, and scheduling strategy

• Independent Network configuration: forecast of the distribution of telecom traffic based on local data, detection of risk situations, and distributed algorithm for optimal capacity allocation


Operational solutions for networks optimization

Artelys has many skills in the design, development, and deployment of software solutions for optimization. With this knowledge, the company has developed a wide range of products within Artelys Crystal defined as a set of platforms dedicated to optimizing the management of energy systems.


Artelys has completed numerous projects in telecommunications:

Optimized routing in telecommunication networks taking into account the Quality of Service constraints

For example, imposing constraints on the transmission delay knowing that they are not linear and that the operator mobile uses a linear model to optimize the routing of calls in its network. What is their impact on the model complexity and the quality of the results?

• Analysis of different modeling
• Development of an AMPL-Knitro model

Design of a multi-period network

The goal is to optimize the construction of a telecommunications network for several years. Artelys proposed and tested methods of combinatorial optimization* and Lagrangian relaxation* for solving these problems.

• Implementation of various schemes of decomposition by Lagrangian relaxation
• Implementation of a heuristic based on linear programming with integers
• Calculation and comparison of the bounds obtained

Investment planning

The goal is for a telecommunications company to plan its investments knowing that none of the tools in its possession can anticipate load changes with sufficient accuracy. Artelys has developed tools for predicting the transmission flow per area of research on a monthly basis. These forecasts have allowed customers to better target and anticipate the investments necessary to maintain a good quality of service.