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On Demand Software

On-demand optimization softwares

Artelys experts will help you create a sustainable competitive advantage through your decision-support system. We provide customized optimization software that meet your needs. We are able to assist you at any stage of the project from the understanding of your business strategy and priorities to the integration of software components into existing information systems. We collaborate with you to deliver tangible business results that positively affect your performance.

Modeling your problem

Our consultants analyze your requirements and processes and translate them into functional specifications. We integrate your constraints and your goal in the system to offer you a powerful mathematical model. Artelys takes all the elements that describe your situation into account and we offer you specific software that best suit your requests and reflect the reality of your business environment. Having your model tailored for your business guarantees the success of your optimization project.

Development and setting

Through our high level of expertise in numerical optimization and in object-oriented programming (UML, C++ and Java programming languages), we easily specify, design, and test robust, reliable and effective optimization engines. Their modular architecture makes maintenance and evolution simple. We provide you with the components that fit best to your situation.  We can either use the components we develop (Artelys Kalis) or ones we distribute and support (FICO Xpress Optimization Suite and Artelys Knitro). Artelys has experts for each component and we can propose and develop specific algorithms to make your own tools perform better.

Analysis & operational software

We develop suited optimization engines and integrate them in unique software for your company. Our on demand software is developed for you to conduct analyses research and to optimize the management of your operational activities, such as risks, production, inventory, planning and scheduling. Our consultants go further than just developing your new software. They take part in your analyses and help you understand the system, manipulate the software and interpret the results.  We continually improve the capability of the software and provide training for the users.

Our high performance customized software is also user friendly. Artelys provides perfectly documented source code (architecture, installation, use) that allows for quick takeover of the programs. Our experts can also integrate software within existing information systems.