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Artelys's news

Meet Artelys at the 2019 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference

Artelys will participate in the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference in Austin on April 14th - 16th, 2019.

Artelys at the Breton conference on the energy transition

Artelys has attended the “CBTE” at Rennes, on the 6th December 2018.

Artelys presents the results of the METIS project on 20/02 in Brussels

The European Commission and Artelys invite you to the METIS Dissemination Event taking place on 20 February 2019 in Brussels. During this event, we will present the latest results of the METIS project and discuss the benefits of using modelling tools such as METIS for energy/climate policy making.

ADEME presentation of a study on the evolution of the electricity mix

On 1 February 2019 ADEME will present the study « Trajectoires d'évolution du mix électrique 2020-2060 », carried out by Artelys, to key French stakeholders

Artelys Knitro 11.1: Solve derivative free problems faster than ever!

A new version of Artelys Knitro is now available! This update comes with clear improvements on derivative-free optimization problems, including for our users connecting Knitro to black-box simulators. These improvements manifest themselves with particular clarity when using finite-differences to approximate first order derivatives thanks to a new termination criterion.

Don’t miss Artelys at the 2018 OR conference in Brussels

Artelys is a sponsor of the OR2018 annual conference, which will be held from September 12th to 14th, 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.

Artelys Knitro 11: New SOCP algorithm!

Artelys Knitro 11 release comes with many new features including a specialized algorithm for Second-Order Cone Programming (SOCP).

Artelys to deliver study on gas and electricity interlinkages to ENTSOs

Artelys has been commissioned by ENTSOG and ENTSO-E to deliver a study aiming at assessing and characterising the interlinkages between gas and electricity systems and projects.

Artelys to develop the clearing engine for the EU cross-balancing market

The TERRE members have selected a consortium composed of Artelys, JV EPEX-Soops and Soops to provide the clearing engine for the European Replacement Reserve cross-border Platform.

Artelys to analyse the value of market integration in the Mediterranean

Artelys and its partners Castalia, EY and Fraunhofer ISI have been selected by the “Sustainable Electricity Trade Roadmap” to assess the benefits of a deeper integration of electricity markets between France, Germany, Morocco, Portugal and Spain.

Come and meet Artelys optimization experts at INFORMS on April 15-17

Visit our booth and meet with our optimization experts at the INFORMS Annual Business Analytics & Operations Research Conference in Baltimore, April 15th - 17th, 2018!

Attend our training session on nonlinear optimization in L.A. in May

Nonlinear optimization problems are usually complex to model and to solve. During this two-day training session we will introduce the principles of nonlinear optimization theory, and teach you how to solve efficiently various categories of problems with our solver Artelys Knitro. Mark your calendars for May 16th and 17th, 2018!

Grenoble publishes its Energy Master Plan

Following a two-year study with Artelys involving all of its territory’s actors, the Metropolis of Grenoble Alpes publishes its roadmap to reach the objectives of the very ambitious Air Energy Climate Plan.

Publication of the 2018 Artelys training program

2018 Training Program

Brookfield selects Artelys Crystal for hydropower assets optimization

Artelys will present the solution Artelys Crystal adopted by Brookfield Renewable during the annual conference of the Quebec Association for the Production of Renewable Energy (AQPER), in Québec City on February 8th, 2018.

Latest Energy Union Choices report: “Cleaner, Smarter, Cheaper”

To what extent can renewables contribute to Europe’s 2030 power supply considering the latest decline in renewable investment costs? And which policy levers are required to fully tap the related potential? The European Climate Foundation (ECF) commissioned Artelys to answer these questions. The resulting report was publicly launched on 21 November 2017 in Brussels.

Synergies among electricity, gas and district heating in high RES worlds

Artelys is pleased to announce the publication by the ADEME of a follow-up study on a 100% RES power mix by 2050. This new study assesses how the gas and heat systems can be decarbonised in systems with high shares of renewable electricity generation.

AMPL 10.3: Embed the power of AMPL in your business application!

Artelys is pleased to announce the new release 10.3 of the optimization modeling software AMPL. It includes the new API to use AMPL from Python, Java, C++ and Matlab.

Meet Artelys at the 2017 INFORMS Business Analytics & OR Conference in Houston

Artelys will participate in the INFORMS Annual Business Analytics & Operations Research Conference in Houston, October 22nd - 25th, 2017.

Belgium becomes first Member State to use METIS

Artelys has recently installed METIS, a software application developed for the European Commission, on the Federal Planning Bureau (FPB, Belgium) system, enabling the FPB analysts to undertake highly detailed studies of the Belgian power system, while taking into account the interactions with neighbouring countries. The analysis carried out with METIS will contribute to the understanding and quantification of the challenges faced by the Belgian power system and provide valuable inputs for the Belgian integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP).

Discover Xpress 8.3 and its brand new integrated development environment

The latest release of Xpress is now available! It includes the new IDE Xpress Workbench for development of standalone Mosel models and Insight applications. Xpress Workbench also handles Python, Matlab and BCL development.

Publication of the « Mainstreaming RES – Flexibility portfolios » study

Artelys is pleased to announce the publication of the study « Mainstreaming RES – Flexibility portfolios » by the Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission (DG ENER). This study introduces a methodological framework to define flexibility portfolios and presents the results of applying this framework at the European level based on the Artelys Crystal Super Grid and METIS models.

Artelys Knitro 10.3: support for Python 3 and improved performance!

A new version of Artelys Knitro is now available! This update brings support for Python 3 and significant improvements of the R interface.

NEXT is now!

With project NEXT, Artelys wins Ademe’s call for projects “Smart electrical systems”.

Workshop on Artelys Knitro June 1st 2017 in Paris

Join us for a free workshop presented during the Knitro Week to meet Artelys Optimization Experts and learn new strategies to meet your nonlinear optimization challenges.

FICO Xpress 8.1: Model and interact with Xpress directly from Python!

The release 8.1 of the Optimization Suite FICO Xpress unveils the first final version of the Xpress-Python API. This API enables to model problems directly in Python (versions 2.7 or 3+) and to interact with the solver Xpress-Optimizer (handles LP, SOCP, convex QCQP, and their mixed integer version).

Take part in the Knitro Week ! From May 29th to June 4th - Paris

Our international development team of the optimization solver Artelys Knitro will be gathered in Paris for an intensive research seminar. The team has decided to take this opportunity to offer a two days (May 31st – June 1st) training on nonlinear optimization with Artelys Knitro.

Meet Artelys’ optimization experts at the 2017 INFORMS in Las Vegas

Visit our booth at the INFORMS Annual Business Analytics & Operations Research Conference in Las Vegas, April 2nd - 4th, 2017!

RTE selects Artelys Knitro and AMPL to build its innovative solutions

Following a longstanding partnership, RTE (the French electricity TSO) picked Artelys Knitro and AMPL to solve its optimization problems.

Artelys in Lyon

Artelys will take part in the second seminar organized by the Métropole de Lyon about its energy masterplan initiative. This event will take place at the Université de Lyon on the 9th of February 2017.

Artelys participates to the “European Assises of Energy Transition”

Artelys presents, at the “European Assises of Energy Transition” on January 24th in Bordeaux, the methodology for territorial strategic scenario elaboration, used in the future sustainable energy action plan of Rennes Metropole.

Crystal-powered METIS project delivers first studies for European Commission

Artelys is pleased to announce the publication of the first set of METIS studies, which support the Commission in its evidence-based policy-making process.

Artelys | 2017 training program

Artelys publishes today its training program for 2017. For more information:

Nonlinear optimization MINO challenge: the winner is Artelys!

Artelys won the MINO challenge, highlighting once again the expertise of its consultants and the efficiency of its optimization solvers.

Artelys Knitro 10.2: solve nonlinear least squares faster than ever!

Artelys is at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Nashville (Nov 13-16, 2016) to present the release 10.2 of its nonlinear solver Artelys Knitro. This release introduced a new implementation for solving nonlinear least-squares making Knitro the most powerful and versatile solver for this type of problem.

Artelys presents results of the heat and power to heat study

During the “Energy Storage Days” organized by the ATEE (Association Technique Energie Environment, the first energy and environment association in France) on November 15th and 16th, Artelys presents the main results of the study on the value of heat storage and power to heat.

Artelys shares its view of hydropower’s stakes at EC/DOE conference

Artelys participates at the European Commission - US Department of Energy workshop on September 28-29, 2016, at the DG Joint Research Centre's Laboratories, Ispra, Italy. The topic of the workshop is “Understanding the Water-Energy Nexus: Integrated Water and Power System Modelling”.

Artelys Knitro wins GECCO’2016 Black Box Optimization Competition

For the second year in row, Artelys Knitro wins the GECCO Black Box optimization challenge (expensive single-objective track). This accomplishment highlights Artelys Knitro excellent performance and robustness in the field of Derivative-Free Optimization (DFO).

New Release of Crystal Super Grid: Major Step for Investment Planning

A new release of Artelys Crystal Super Grid is out, including energy capacity expansion planning for hundreds of production / transmission / storage, over dozens of climate variations at an hourly granularity!

REstable project wins Franco-German innovation prize awarded by DENA!

As part of the recent Franco-German economic conference on June 14th in Berlin, the prize for Franco-German innovation in renewable energies was awarded to REstable project, of which Artelys is a member.

Artelys moves into new Paris HQ!

To support its growth, the Paris team moves to its new premises at 81 rue Saint-Lazare (9th district).

New algorithm and new R interface for Artelys Knitro 10.1!

The version 10.1 of Artelys Knitro released today offers a new algorithm for mixed-integer nonlinear optimization. It also includes a new R interface and many functional enhancements.

FICO Xpress Optimization Suite 8.0: improved performance and scalability!

The release 8.0 of the FICO Xpress Optimization Suite includes new features in all its components. In particular the parallel MIP algorithm of Xpress-Optimizer has been completely rewritten to improve performance and scalability.

Artelys at the CWRA congress, May 25th-27th 2016, Montreal

Artelys participates to the 69th National Conference of the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA), from May 25th to May 27th 2016.

Artelys at the 2016 INFORMS Business Analytics & OR Conference in Orlando

Artelys will participate in the INFORMS Annual Business Analytics & Operations Research Conference in Orlando, April 10th - 12th, 2016.

Development of the METIS software for the European Commission (DG Energy)

Artelys is developing a new software tool for the European Commission (DG Energy) dedicated to the simulation of energy systems and markets, based on the Artelys Crystal platform. 

First “Energy Union Choices” report, based on Artelys’ analysis

Artelys has recently launched in Brussels the report on its latest work on European power and gas infrastructure, in front of a panel of high-level experts.

Artelys at the Québec Symposium of Renewable Energy Producers

Artelys will be holding a workshop on energy storage during the Québec renewable energy producers’ symposium, AQPER, February 10-11, 2016, in the City of Québec, Canada.

Opening of Artelys UK office in London!

After the successful launch of Artelys Canada, Artelys establishes a new office in London and continues its international expansion.

Belgian Federal Planning Bureau chooses Artelys Crystal Super Grid

The Energy team at the Belgian Federal Planning Bureau in Brussels recently purchased the energy planning tool Artelys Crystal Super Grid. 

Artelys to attend European Utility Week 2015 in Vienna

Artelys participates in European Utility Week, to be held November 3 to 5, 2015, in Vienna, dedicated to the energy business.  

Artelys presents Knitro 10.0 at the INFORMS Conference in Philadelphia!

The lead developer Richard Waltz will present Artelys Knitro 10.0 at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Philadelphia (Nov 1-4, 2015). This major release of our nonlinear solver offers new Object Oriented interfaces (C++, Java and C#), significant speedups compare to KNITRO 9.1 and many other new features.

KNITRO wins the GECCO’2015 Black Box Optimization Competition

This accomplishment highlights KNITRO’s excellent performance in the field of Derivative-Free Optimization (DFO).

Artelys Crystal Super Grid 2015.1 is out!

This new release comes with plenty of new features, including an integrated database which incorporates automatic verification tools for your data, and an even handier geographical view.

Ziena, maker of KNITRO, is now part of Artelys

On July 1st, 2015, Artelys finalized the purchase of Ziena Optimization, publisher of KNITRO, the world’s leading nonlinear optimization solver.

Training Session: Forecasting Demand with R

To meet the needs of engineers and economists who want to learn R, Artelys has organized a training session on “Forecasting Demand with R”, to be held on September 8 and 9, 2015 in Paris.

Artelys at the FERC conference in Washington DC, June 22-24 2015

This conference will bring together experts from various backgrounds and experiences, including electric system operators, software developers, governments, research centers and academics in order to debate on “increasing real-time and day-ahead market efficiency through improved software”.

Artelys at the Montreal CORS/INFORMS International Conference 2015

Artelys has been established in Canada for 2 years now and will be presenting two applications of the Artelys Crystal Suite at the CORS/INFORMS International Conference in Montreal, Quebec. The meeting will be held at the Sheraton Hotel from June 14 to 17 2015.

Artelys at the SMART GRIDS trade show in Paris

Artelys is presenting the POST Project at the French SMART GRIDS trade show, Paris La Défense, from May 27 to 29, 2015.

Artelys at the Inria-Industry meeting in San Francisco on May 11, 2015

On may 11, 2015, Artelys will participate in the first Inria-Industry Meeting on Smart City to be held in the USA.

Artelys at the 2015 INFORMS Analytics & OR Conference in Huntington Beach

Artelys will participate in the INFORMS Annual Business Analytics & Operations Research Conference in Huntington Beach April 12th - 14th, 2015.

Risk Management and Energy Systems Training

To meet the needs of manufacturers who deal with energy markets, Artelys has organized a “Risk Management and Energy Systems” training session on March 31 and April 1, 2015 in Paris.

Artelys at the 16th annual French OR Society Conference in Marseille

Artelys attends the 16th ROADEF Conference, February 25-27 2015, in Marseille.

Artelys at Middle East Electricity 2015

Artelys will present its Artelys Crystal Super Grid Software at Middle East Electricity 2015, in Dubai. 

Energy: The European Commission Chooses Artelys Crystal

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy (DG ENER) has awarded Artelys and its partners a contract for energy modeling software and services based on Artelys Crystal technology. 

Artelys at the European Parliament

Artelys is attending the 2nd “Rendez-vous on Energy” at the European Parliament on January 6th, 2015.

KNITRO 9.1: New SQP algorithm for Derivative-Free Optimization!

KNITRO 9.1 is a major release of our nonlinear optimization package that comes with a fourth new algorithm, an SQP method especially efficient for Derivative-Free Optimization (DFO). 

Artelys Crystal Super Grid 2014.1.2 is out!

Discover this new version of our software, Artelys Crystal Super Grid, in a brand-new video!

Artelys at the CAFFEET 2014 in San Francisco

Artelys will participate in the California France Forum on Energy Efficiency Technologies, November 19–20, 2014.

Artelys at the INFORMS annual meeting in San Francisco

Artelys will participate in the INFORMS Annual Meeting in San Francisco, USA, November 9–12, 2014.

Artelys to attend European Utility Week 2014 in Amsterdam

Artelys will participate in this year’s European Utility Week from November 4­6, 2014 in Amsterdam. 

Artelys at the CWRA & Rio Tinto Alcan workshop, Sep. 17th-19th 2014, Québec

Artelys will hold a booth at the workshop organized jointly by the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) and Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA), from September 17th to September 19th 2014, entitled: “From operational hydrological forecast to optimal reservoir management”.

Artelys at the 45th CIGRÉ General Session

Artelys attends the 45th CIGRÉ General Session held in Paris on August 24-29, 2014.

French Regulator selects Artelys Crystal to evaluate interconnections

The French Regulatory Commission for Energy (CRE) has announced that Artelys has been selected as its software provider for cost-benefit analysis of electricity interconnections.

Artelys at Innovative City fair, June 25-26, in Nice (France)

Artelys will take part in the Innovative City fair in the South of France, in partnership with the competitiveness cluster Advancity.

Artelys at the 56th annual Canadian OR Society Conference in Ottawa

Artelys attends the 56th CORS Annual Conference, May 26-28, 2014, in Ottawa, Canada.

FICO Forum: The Decision Management Platform

Artelys & FICO are pleased to invite you to the FICO Forum: The Decision Management Platform on Thursday 5th June 2014 at “Hôtel du Louvre” in Paris.

Artelys at the 15th annual French OR Society Conference in Bordeaux

Artelys attends the 15th ROADEF Conference, February 26-28 2014, in Bordeaux.

Training by Artelys at QC meeting of renewable energy producers

Artelys has been invited to conduct a management training session at the annual meeting of the Québec association of renewable energy producers (AQPER) Feb. 19th-20th 2014, Québec City, Canada.

Artelys Crystal Suite in E-World Energy and Water 2014

More than 600 exhibitors from 25 nations will present their innovative products and services in the energy field in February 11-13, 2014 in Essen (Germany). The Artelys booth will be located in Hall 2, stand 2-511. More than 20, 000 experts and decision-makers are expected to attend.

KNITRO 9.0: Let the tuner determine the optimal parameters for your problem!

KNITRO 9.0 is a major new release that improves the usability and performance of the solver across the board. Thanks to the new KNITRO-Tuner, you can now determine the optimal parameter settings for your specific problem. The interface to MATLAB has been redesigned in order to offer MATLAB users the same functionalities as other interface users. And finally, KNITRO 9.0 continues improving the support of multi-core architecture by embedding the Intel MKL PARDISO linear solver, which is able to solve linear systems more efficiently using parallel algorithms.

Artelys presents Energy Storage study results to the French Industry Minister

During the “Energy Storage Days” organized by the ATEE (Association Technique Energie Environment, the first energy and environment association in France), Artelys and its partner, Enea Consulting, presented the key results obtained in the Energy Storage National Potential (PEPS) study, financed by the Ministry of Industry, the ATEE and the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency).

Artelys in Copenhagen, for CitInES European project

Artelys, as CitInES coordinator, was invited to participate to a seminar in Copenhagen with French Export Minister, Mrs Nicole Bricq, about “Better living in cities”. Arnaud Renaud, CEO, explained how the innovative software Crystal City could be a very useful tool for Danish cities in their sustainable issues.

Artelys Crystal at a SmartGrid-Demand Response workshop

Artelys is participating in the Demand response workshop organized by CanmetENERGY in Québec, on November 18-19, 2013.

Xpress-Kalis Presentation at the CP2013 Conference in Sweden

Artelys will participate in the "Solvers: Modeling, Applications, Integration and Standardization” workshop, at the 19th International Conference on constraints programming CP2013, which will take place in Uppsala, Sweden, on Monday, September 16, 2013.

CitInES – First experiment in Izmit refinery: Promising perspectives

As the European FP7 project CitInES continues, the consortium has started the experimentation stage of its software tool designed to improve industrial energy performance. The Izmit Refinery in Turkey, operated by Tüpraş (involved in this project), is currently running tests to reduce its energy expense and, eventually, resell its surplus electricity.

Artelys & RTE at the FERC Conference in Washington, DC

Artelys attended the conference on advanced numerical methods for electricity markets efficiency, held by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), in Washington, DC, June 24-26, 2013.

MEVICO Project is awarded with the 2013 Celtic Silver Award!

The Mobile Networks Evolution for Individual Communication Experience (MEVICO) project received the 2013 Celtic Excellence Award in Silver from Celtic-Plus.[1]

Xpress-NonLinear: innovative solver combining SLP and KNITRO!

A new nonlinear solver is now available in the latest Xpress release (version 7.5).

Artelys in the INFORMS Analytics Conference in San Antonio, Texas

Artelys will participate at the 13th INFORMS Analytics Conference at the Grand Hyatt, San Antonio, Texas, USA, April 7–9, 2013.

Artelys exhibition in the E-world, energy & water 2013

Artelys will participate to the E-world fair, which will take place in Essen, Germany from February 7th to February 9th. With more than 500 exhibitors from 48 countries, more than 18 000 visitors, this professional event is one of the biggest fair for the Energy and Water industries.

Artelys at the 14th French Operational Research Society Annual Conference

Artelys will attend the 14th French Operational Research and Decision Support Society (ROADEF) Annual Conference, held by the University of Technology of Troyes, February 13 – 15 2013.

KNITRO 8.1: Experience the Python interface, new features and speedups!!!

A new version of KNITRO (version 8.1) is now available.

Artelys Kalis 2012.2 – Hybrid MIP/CP solver for C++/Java/Python!

Artelys Kalis 2012.2 has been officially released with new parallel algorithms and new interfaces for the Java and Python programming languages.

Artelys at INFORMS in Phoenix on October 14-17, 2012

On October 14-17, 2012, the Institute For Operations Research & Management Sciences (INFORMS) will be holding a professional conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Artelys participates in this event and will be hosting various product and service demonstrations.

Artelys at the California France Forum on Energy Efficiency Technologies 2012

Artelys will participate at the California France Forum on Energy Efficiency Technologies 2012: "Smart City: What Is the Added Value?", on November 5 and 6 at CITRIS, Berkeley, California, USA.

Artelys Risk Manager 2012.1 - Manage your risks in an easy way!

A new version of Artelys Risk Manager is now available!

Artelys newly established in Canada!

Artelys has opened a new office in Montréal, Québec, on April 2, 2012.

Artelys in the INFORMS Conference in Huntington Beach, California

Artelys participated in the INFORMS Conference at the Hyatt Regency, Huntington Beach, California, USA, April 15–17, 2012.

INRIA industries event

Artelys and its partners from the National Institute for Research in Computer Science  and Control (INRIA) presented their latest innovations during the INRIA industries event on March 8, 2012.

Artelys fosters research in forecasting

Together with ParisTech Fondation, Artelys supports Forecasting workshop 2011/2012. Meetings, organized by Mathieu Cornec, researcher at the Economy and Statistics Research Centre, aim to promote R&D projects around Forecast.

Artelys exhibition in the E-world, energy & water 2012

Artelys will participate to the E-World fair, which will take place in Essen, Germany from February 7th to February 9th. With more than 500 exhibitors from 48 countries, more than 18 000 visitors, this professional event is one of the biggest fair for the Energy and Water industries.

Innovation Day – Presentation of Artelys Kalis and FICO Xpress new features

The Innovation Day organized in Paris in February 2nd, by Artelys and FICO, will present the latest updates and new features of FICO Xpress and Artelys Kalis.

European project launch, CitInES

Through the impetus driven by Artelys, the European research project CitInES was launched October 1, 2011. Artelys is one of the few French SMEs that managed to build up a European FP7 project.

KNITRO 8.0 just released and ahead of the competition

KNITRO 8.0 is officially released. Recent benchmarks demonstrate that KNITRO is by far the best solver in its category.

Agreement signed with INRIA

On August 21, 2011, Artelys signed a partnership agreement, I-lab, with the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA).

KNITRO 8.0, increased robustness and speed!

A new version of KNITRO will be released by Ziena Optimization LLC in November, 2011.

Xpress 7.2, more powerful… and faster!

A new version of Xpress has been released by FICOTM