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FICO® Xpress


Modeling and numerical optimization tools

Integrate the optimization technology and make smarter decisions, faster!

The FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite includes the world's foremost mathematical modeling/ programming language and a full range of powerful optimization engines. Raise the competitive bar in your industry by solving the unsolvable, making the best decision in every situation and achieving more from less. The FICO® Xpress Optimization helps organizations solve bigger problems, design applications faster and make even better decisions in virtually any business scenario.

The numerical efficiency of the software is acknowledged worldwide. Xpress algorithms in linear programming, linear programming in integer variables and constraints programming are remarkably reliable and extremely fast.

FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite, a complete suite of optimization:

The numerical efficiency of those software is acknowledged worldwide. Xpress algorithms in linear programming, linear programming in integer variables and constraints programming are remarkably reliable and extremely fast.

Mixed integer nonlinear optimization

There is no need for long and costly development to benefit from the algorithm efficiency implemented by Xpress. Thanks to Xpress-Mosel modeler, it is possible to develop an application in a few days. The language extremely synthetic, close to mathematical language, giving you an expression capacity that considerably reduces your development time.

C/C++, Java, C# and Visual Basic libraries allow you to use Xpress in complex decision support and optimization applications. Among others, the Xpress-BCL component allows you to formulate quickly your problems thanks to objects variables, constraints, linear or quadratic expressions. Running problems previously written with Xpress-Mosel modeler is also possible.

FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite components are described below:

A complete group of numerical calculation components

FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite, a group of numerical calculation components:


Xpress-Optimizer features sophisticated, robust multi-threaded algorithms to solve quickly and accurately industry’s most demanding problems. It’s a global solution for all linear and quadratic problems, whether they are continuous, in integer numbers or in mix variables. Xpress-Optimizer provides:

• Simplex method for linear and quadratic continuous problems.
• Interior points’ method for linear, quadratic and nonlinear convex continuous large problems (Barrier LP&QP module).
• Branch-and-Bound/Branch-and-Cut method for linear and quadratic problems in integer numbers (MIP and MIQP modules).


Xpress-SLP is a numerical component to solve non-linear and non-linear in integer numbers optimization problems. Those problems solve by Xpress-SLP can be entirely modeled in Xpress-Mosel. Xpress-SLP is based on a Successive Linear Programming method, which approximates the non-linear problem through a succession of linear problems.


Xpress-Kalis provides access to the Artelys Kalis solver from a Mosel module. It allows modeling and solving combinatory problems using constraints programming techniques. The add-ons developed for the constraints programming solver (new constraints, new research strategies, etc.) are directly useable in the Mosel language. For more information, click here.


Artelys offers partnership programs with universities, public training and research centers to promote teaching and research in optimization. Academic partners get FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite licenses at discounted prices.

For further information, please contact us.

Key benefits

FICO® Xpress helps organizations to develop and deploy optimization applications that provide operational solutions for key business challenges.

• Mathematically identifies the most advantageous operating points under whatever challenges an organization faces.
• Solves enormously complex problems; handle large-scale, complex problems with millions of variables and constraints.
• Solves your toughest problems faster; clear performance leader on the market.
• Provides insight into the sensitivities of key business factors; it is possible to efficiently explore larger quantities of "what if?" scenarios. It finds the strongest drivers by adjusting variables and constraints to measure how far they move optimal operating points.
• Measures the implied costs of current policies and other limitations, and helps project whether modifying or removing those limitations can lead to greater optimization.
• Compresses time-to-decisions: develop and deploy optimization models faster than with any other means.

Key Features

• Includes unique features for large scale optimization: 64-bit support for optimization and modeling.
• Accelerates development of optimization models: the best modeling/programming language for operations research and other functions requiring optimization in any industry.
• Includes a full range of fast optimization engines: comes standard with fully parallelized internal algorithms, which allows it to take advantage of multi-core CPU architectures and process millions of variables up to 60% faster than before
• Enables fast visual design: includes a drag-and-drop editor; developers can quickly build interactive, intuitive visual decision support applications

Problem classes solved by FICO® Xpress:

•Linear programming (LP)
•Integer programming (MIP)
•Quadratic programming (MIQP)


Programming interfaces

Used from programming interface such as Java, C/C++,

Operating systems

Available on Windows 32-bit and 64-bit Linux 64-bit Solaris

Business applications

Download FICO® Xpress examples here.

Mining and process industries

• Production of alloys
• Animal food production
• Refinery
• Cane sugar production
• Opencast mining
• Production of electricity

Scheduling problems

• Construction of a stadium
• Flow-shop scheduling
• Job shop scheduling
• Sequencing jobs on a bottleneck machine
• Paint production
• Assembly line balancing

Production planning

• Planning the production of bicycles
• Production of drinking glasses
• Material Requirement Planning
• Planning the production of electronic components
• Planning the production of fibreglass
• Assignment of production batches to machines

Loading and cutting stock problems

• Wagon load balancing
• Barge loading
• Tank loading
• Backing up files
• Cutting sheet metal
• Cutting steel bar for desk legs

Ground transport

• Car rental
• Choosing the mode of transport
• Depot location
• Heating oil delivery
• Combining different modes of transport
• Fleet planning for vans

Air transport

• Flight connections at a hub
• Composing flight crews
• Scheduling flight landings
• Airline hub location
• Planning a flight tour

Telecommunication problems

• Network reliability
• Dimensioning of a mobile phone network
• Routing telephone calls
• Construction of a cabled network
• Scheduling of telecommunication via satellite
• Location of GSM transmitters

Economics and finance problems

• Choice of loan
• Publicity campaign
• Portfolio selection
• Financing an early retirement scheme
• Family budget
• Choice of expansion projects
• Mean variance portfolio selection

Timetabling and personnel planning

• Assigning personnel to machine
• Scheduling nurses
• Establishing a college timetable
• Exam scheduling
• Production planning with personnel assignment
• Planning the personnel at a construction site

Local authorities and public services

• Water conveyance / water supply management
• CCTV surveillance
• Rigging elections
• Gritting roads
• Location of income tax offices
• Efficiency of hospitals

Puzzles and pastimes

• Mastermind
• Logical problem 1
• Logical problem 2
• Grid and coins
• Wine barrels
• The N queens



The complete documentation of FICO Xpress Optimization is directly available online: Xpress documentation.
Your Xpress installation directory also contains the documentation dedicated to your Xpress version.



FICO® Xpress Optimization

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Xpress licensing

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Download FICO® Xpress

Full version

Trial versions of the FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite are available through Artelys in order to evaluate the different Xpress modules. For more information, contact us +33 (0)1 44 77 89 00

Student version (for Windows)

Complete the form below to download the FICO® Xpress Optimization suite, which includes Xpress-Mosel and Xpress-IVE.Xpress-IVE is the integrated environment for modeling and optimization for Windows. It gives access to all the capabilities of the modeler Xpress-Mosel and to the solvers Xpress-Optimizer and Xpress-Kalis thanks to an intuitive graphical interface.The size of problems that can be treated with the student version is limited to a maximum of 300 constraints, 500 variables, and 50 integer variables. All the features of Xpress-IVE are accessible. This version allows you to become familiar with FICO® Xpress powerful modeling tools.



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