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Our partnerships

Projects of quality and strong partnerships

Artelys has built over the years various partnerships to offer effective and advanced solutions developing synergy to boost innovation and increase its business expertise through domestic, European and international projects.



Artelys has a partnership agreement with FICO to distribute and provide technical support for FICOTM Xpress Optimization Suite in French-speaking Europe. FICOTM Xpress Optimization Suite is a world leading software for modeling and optimization. Artelys also distributes within FICOTM Xpress Optimization Suite, Artelys’ software Xpress-Kalis. Xpress-Kalis grants to Xpress-Mosel users, access to the advanced functionalities of Artelys Kalis Constraint Programming (CP) solver.



Artelys and INRIA have signed a partnership agreement : I-lab « Metis ». This collaboration aims to design and develop an optimization platform for large system management in an uncertain context. In this framework, INRIA's technologies are integrated in Artelys' energy system optimization software. They support and foster Artelys domestic and international growth strategy.



Since 2009, the Paris region local authority supports Artelys development through the PM’up program.


OSEO chose to support Artelys R&D projects, acknowledging the large investment and the strategy of Artelys for innovation.

Smart Grid Cluster

In 2010, Artelys Corp. has been elected to be part of Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation Cluster (ISGRIC). This nomination rewards Artelys investment in designing innovative solutions for smart grids. This new partnership acknowledges Artelys’ high development potential in the US.



Artelys is an active member of ROADEF (French Operations Research & Decision Support Association).



Paris Climate Agency (APC) is a multi-partnership, operational and prospective association that has a dual goal: to independently and objectively support for free Paris inhabitants in reducing their energy consumption and their CO2 emissions, and to contribute in developing a market for an energy transition.


AMPL Optimization LLC

Artelys has a partnership agreement with the US company AMPL Optimization LLC to distribute and provide technical support for AMPL worldwide. AMPL is a modeling language developed by AMPL.