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Optimization & Analytics

Optimization solutions

Optimization for businesses and academics: Getting the best possible return. The scientific method to maximize or minimize an objective. Determining the best value that can achieve a result, particularly when assessed according to several variables of interest and criteria of different nature (multicriteria optimization) that can be interconnected (such as cost and security).

How can we help you improve your performances using analytics and optimization?

Based on our experience with data, analysis and optimization, we will identify the best strategic targets and projects, identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the means to improve them, and identify the drivers of business performance.


Analytics and optimization will help you:

• Increase business value and maximize operational efficiency
• Better understand the dynamics of your business
• Anticipate changes in market conditions and explore alternatives in minutes
• Manage risks and cut costs
• Get a competitive advantage
• Create a measurable return on investment

Analytics aren’t just a way of looking at a particular problem. Rather, they are organizational capabilities that can be measured and improved. In fact, analytics and optimization operate at the strategic, tactical and operational levels of your company to improve the global value chain.

In all types of industries, the economic circle is repeating itself over and over. Be more prepared and know how to adapt your business to turbulent times. Use our expertise to extrapolate, predict, simulate and optimize your future.

Don’t put your institution and your customers in jeopardy. Apply fact-based and quantitative analysis to make more accurate and consistent decisions that are future oriented.

Optimization and analytics are complementary, and Artelys has been combining them for years. Our experience and skills cover the areas of applied mathematics, decision-support, statistics, and computer science. For a wide range of business problems, our software can help you quickly find the solution best suited to your business constraints, decision variables and objectives. In other words, Artelys helps you streamline your current business practices and turn every problem into a competitive advantage.

Few examples of what analytics and optimization brought to other businesses:

• Reduced unplanned staff hours by more than 40%
• Identified new audiences
• Reduced food waste by 10%
• Increased clients by more than 70%

Analytics and optimization are currently surging and we expect to witness a rise of industries using them in the next decade. Our experts and highly specialized engineers trace data problems back to the source and find the root cause allowing us to partner with you to fix your problem and improve your future results. We will ensure that the data used is relevant, consistently defined, with sufficient quality, standardized, integrated, accessible and, most importantly, converted into useful insights that help you make concrete operational or planning decisions.

Some questions Artelys’ decision-support tools can answer:

• How should you allocate investments across your marketing channels, products and geographies?
• How can you anticipate and influence changing market conditions?
• How can you optimize your restocking, reducing stock outages and the inventory shrinkage?
• Which performance factors have the greatest impact on your future growth and profitability?


Our proven methodology to engage with our customers consists of four stages:

• Auditing and analyzing your business context
This first phase requires technical expertise in optimization and in-depth knowledge of the problem to be treated. Our experts will clearly identify the different actions, objectives and the key constraints.
• Modeling your problem
The second step is purely technical. Our engineers transcribe the problem in mathematical equations to obtain a mathematical model. They partner with the clients to validate and test the model.
• Processing and testing the model
The next step is to process the mathematical model and the associated test data using specialized computer programs, such as optimization solvers. Optimization problems often deal with a large amount of data and complex equations. Consequently, they require powerful specialized solvers and, sometimes, high-performance hardware to run in a quick and reliable manner. We validate the model via empirical tests performed with the end-user in real operating conditions, and make sure that the model provides the expected solution for a variety of test problems and use cases.
• Providing a reader-friendly optimized solution
The final step is to finalize the software design, develop the necessary interfaces and integrate the solution within the existing IT system.

The diagram below is an example of the "bin packing" and the application of the 4 stages methodology:


Contact us to learn more about our products and services; our team of optimization experts is here to help you and provide you all the information you need!