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35% of time dedicated to  R&D activities

In order to provide to its customers state-of-art solutions and to solve highly complex problems, Artelys is involved in research and development. Through its innovative strategy Artelys aims to develop more performing, efficient and robust optimization and decision support tools.

Artelys has a highly qualified team of consultants with expertise in optimization, statistics and computer science. By using mathematical methods and advanced techniques, Artelys develops innovative and relevant solutions to the most complex problems.

Artelys regularly takes part in numerous French, European and international collaborative projects, thanks to its recognized expertise in optimization and decision support.


Collaborative projects

MEVICO project

MEVICO, Mobile Network Evolution for Individual User Experience, is a European consortium of 20 partners from 9 countries. This 15 million Euros project over 2 years (from May 2010 to December 2012) aims to study the 4G telecommunication network in Europe and to evaluate its technical impacts.

Artelys has been selected to participate in MEVICO, with the objective of designing and optimizing a large telecommunication network and its resources. Artelys is developing, based on this research, an optimization technique for both telecommunication and logistics networks.

IOMCA project

IOMCA is an international project over 3 years, funded by the ANR (French National Research Agency). 10 specialists from Artelys, the INRIA (French National Institute of Computer Science Research) and the National Science Council of Taiwan have been selected to study dynamic system optimization.

Artelys brings its environmental and energy expertise to develop and apply innovative methods in those domains, i.e. managing and optimizing energy assets.


The French project SUSTAINS has been launched on September 1st, 2011. With 2.6 million Euros budget, financed by the DGCIS, Paris region (Région Ile-de-France) and the Seine-et-Marne local authorities (Conseil Général), this project aims to develop decision support tools for urban planning and energy impacts evaluation. The overall goal is to help Local Planning and Development Authority to take into account energy challenges in the early stage of urban planning. These tools are under experimentation at Marne la Vallée (near Paris) in collaboration with EpaMarne, Local Planning and Development Authority.

Artelys provides energy system modeling and simulation expertise. It coordinates actions for the energy part of this project.


The European research project CitInES has been launched on October 1st, 2011 and ended in May 2014. With 2.85 million Euros budget, this project aimed to develop a multi-scale and multi-energy calculation platform to help local authorities and large industrial complexes to optimize their energy strategies:

• Simulate, assess and compare energy investment programs.

• Assess financial and environmental long-term risks and propose robust energy schemes to face fuel and CO2 price uncertainties.

• Define a sustainable, efficient and safe energy strategy.

Demonstrations of the developed tools, Artelys Crystal City in particular, took place in two Italian cities, Cesena (100.000 inhabitants) and Bologna (400.000 inhabitants), and in one oil refinery in Turkey, Tupras.

Artelys led this project: defining the project objectives, setting up the consortium and specifying, in collaboration with its partners, technical works which have been made. Artelys insured the relation with the European Commission and coordinated the overall technical and administrative aspects of CitInES project.


Artelys’ expertise is at the forefront of innovation. With its products at the top of technology, Artelys is an active member of several clusters. These clusters bring together industries, universities, and public institutions in order to promote innovation and industrial development at local, national, and international levels.


System@tic is a cluster located in the center of Paris; it has a global vision in the Information Technology and Communication field. Regrouping 540 members, Artelys occupies a strategic place regarding the group called "Design Tools and Systems Development".

Artelys is an active member of the Energy Smart Management steering committee. This committee is in charge to define main research orientations for System@tic in this field and to elect R&D projects which will be supported by the cluster.


Advancity is another cluster of sustainable development and urban environmental technologies located in Paris. It has 240 members including 183 companies and 31 communities. Artelys worked dynamically with Advancity during the project "SUSTAINS".


Capenergies is also a cluster that brings together 400 industries in the energy and research field located in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, Corsica, Guadeloupe, Reunion, the Principality of Monaco, and more. Artelys participated in the mission "US Smart Grid" in December 2010. This cluster’s specialty is the development and the deployment of energy systems providing real solutions to replace fossil fuels.


Modeling & design

Artelys assists prominent research and development centers to design innovative decision-making functions. These collaborations aim to derive new calculation principles for the treatment of complex optimization problems, after decision-making processes have been thoroughly analyzed. Artelys can also develop prototypes in order to validate these principles.

For example, Artelys took part in the following Research and Development projects:

• Risk constraints in strategies of hydro-reservoir management
• Design and development of a global supply chain simulation tool, impact analysis of forecast improvement on supply chain management efficiency

Numerical studies

Artelys carries out numerical studies for its clients in order to:

• Improve the robustness and performance of their numerical solutions
• Choose the best algorithms to add new functionalities to their optimization software
• Define and test innovative numerical solutions to solve complex optimization problems

Artelys researchers' fields of expertise include:

• Combinatorial optimization: staff or production planning, logistics, distribution
• Simulation and optimization of dynamic systems: production management, pricing and management of energy stocks
• Stochastic optimization: modeling of random factors, risk management
• Nonlinear optimization: network design, financial models, production management
• Statistics: risk analysis, definition of dynamic models (market price, consumption, correction of data errors, segmentation and classification)