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About us

Optimization solutions

Artelys specializes in optimization, decision-support and modeling. Relying on their high level of expertise in quantitative methods, the consultants deliver efficient solutions to complex business problems. They provide services to diversified industries, including Energy & Environment, Logistics & Transportation, Telecommunications, Finance and Defense.

Artelys offers comprehensive and flexible solutions that range from functional analysis and organizational architecture design to implementation of solutions and operational tools.

This offer is based on:

Long-standing experience and exposure to industrial and financial business fields
• Strong skills in decision support and complex systems modeling
• An acknowledged expertise in scientific consulting and project management
• A command of methods and tools in statistical analysis and mathematical optimization

The services provided by Artelys may take various forms, but they always fit the client's business context. Special attention is paid to keep a close working relationship with the operational or R&D teams.

The company was founded with an ambition to provide sound quantitative analysis for daily business decisions and its reputation and growth rely on a number of key values:

Competence and experience: the main assets of the company are the skills of the staff. The consultants are MSc and PhD graduates specializing in applied mathematics, computer science and project management. They have expertise in both the academic background and the practical side of the technologies they use, which proves invaluable when assessing clients’ practices and meeting clients’ needs.

Commitment to deliver: at each step of a project, Artelys takes care to explain and advocate the approach, and to identify and mitigate the risks. The services are usually provided for a flat fee and Artelys is committed to deliver on time.

Client satisfaction: whatever the type of service, a close collaboration is maintained with the client to ensure that the client needs are met on a long term basis. The best suited communication tools (prototypes, algorithm specifications, etc.) are used according to the specific wishes and context of the client.