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Artelys Crystal Network Designer


Optimization, sizing and network analysis

Global optimization for better decision making

The development and the transformation of a network and the services related to these changes are costly. It is imperative to make the best choices that provide a good return on investment.

Artelys Crystal Network Designer creates a global optimization incorporating and modeling all the key necessary components (suppliers, production, transportation, warehousing, distribution, localization, quantification of customers, etc.) to meet customer needs. This results in a better strategy for your company.

Based on the most advanced optimization techniques, Artelys Crystal Network Designer incorporates reliable and efficient models to represent of the interactions of the components. The platform has an investment model that arbitrates investment (CAPEX) and operational costs (OPEX) allowing the customer to manage its profitability.

A powerful INTERACTIVE application facilitating analyses and results report

Artelys Crystal Network Designer exchanges illustrated and efficient result reports for your company's key players. A map display and filtering functions are available for a detailed analysis of the results. A user can quantify gains easily from the analysis due to a wide range of core indicators (detailed CAPEX, OPEX, etc.).

Global modeling of multimodal networks:

Multi-facilities and multi-modal modeling
Artelys Crystal Network Designer can model several indicators in various fields, such as transport, production, storage, and contracts (supply, sales, etc.). Examples include

• Capacity constraints
• Production yields
• Equipment integration to process the products
• Safety stocks optimization
• And many more

CAPEX / OPEX - Investment and operational decisions management
Artelys Crystal Network Designer includes an optimization joining CAPEX and OPEX.

Examples include

• Installation costs of new equipment and capacity consolidation
• Maintenance, operation and, management of operating costs
• Depreciation of investments and inflation
• Optimization of replenishment frequencies of the production sites, hubs, etc., using the most advanced digital and reliable technology.

User-friendly interactive interface:

The integration of a Geographic Information System (GIS)
Two modes of viewing and editing data coexist:

• Advanced Data Tables: selection per lines, sort and filter per columns.
• System mapping: configurable display of the network components, various modes of selection, drag-and-drop, support to relocate some components, adding new components to the network, focusing the view on the network, etc.

These two viewing modes receive an automatic synchronization and instant information.

Operation results simplified
A set of financial indicators are directly accessible:

• CAPEX: for example, depreciation of new assets in production, development of new transport contracts, purchase of new vehicles of transport, investment, and maintenance of safety stock, etc.
• OPEX: for example, costs of supplies, production, transportation, sales, etc.

Customers choose what they want to see on the map via display icons. They can see types of sites, product demand, production and transport capacity, inventory levels, transport streams (quantity, frequency and mode of transport), etc.

In addition, a filtering data system associated with the display icons allows customers to create customized maps based on their needs. A global view of the map can be seen simultaneously with a map focused on a product or an indicator binding the company's activity.

Artelys Crystal Network Designer answers questions such as:

Are my logistic hubs well located?
• Artelys Crystal Network Designer focuses on the location and relocation of the logistic hubs and on the evaluation of the new structures' costs.

Where is the best site to install a new production line?
•The installation decision may relate to a part of or the entire production site. Artelys Crystal Network Designer will run tests increasing the production capacity and evaluate the impact on the entire chain.

What is the impact of a new mode of transport within my supply chain? What multimodal solution should we adopt?
• Artelys Crystal Network Designer provides options regarding mode of transport changes and the transformations of logistics hubs including transit costs.

What is the optimal trade-off between transport (OPEX) and stock (CAPEX)?
• Artelys Crystal Network Designer optimizes each transport axis via the frequency of replenishment, the quantities transported, and the impact on stocks.

Artelys Crystal Network Designer can be used in other fields, for example:

Energy field

Artelys Crystal Network Designer optimizes the sizing of an energetic system of production and purchases and sales of gas and oil. In this context, there are various types of products transported in the network (different types of gas and crudes). Artelys Crystal Network Designer identifies the structure of the transport within the system and the investment decisions regarding new generating units taking into account the possibilities of buying and selling on the direct market.

Artelys Crystal Network Designer has specific models for the production yields separating gas and oil. The platform takes into account the specific composition of the gas transported between each unit to be coherent with the physical system.


Artelys Crystal Network Designer has been used in the research projectMEVICO to analyze the different architecture options of the future communication networks LTE. The platform has developed a modeling of the different types of traffic with high transit constraints connected to the facilities located on the network.

Sizing of an energetic system of production and purchases and salesTransportation networkPossibilities of buying and selling on the direct market

Benefits for the company and its stakeholders

Artelys Crystal Network Designer optimizes your network with:

A better understanding of the corporate network: fields of action, profitable areas, process to improve, etc.

• An improved economic and ecological performance via :
- Optimized flows.
- Reduced costs on the network maintenance.

• An increased productivity and efficiency via:
- Removal of barriers, which ensures the saving of time and money.
- An improved product cycle due to the time optimized.

A better decision making process and reduced risks : the user of the platform can simulate the impact of a decision on the map before it becomes real.