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Artelys Crystal Maintenance Planner


Maintenance optimization planning for public transportation services

The expansion of public transportation services leads to continuously increasing large-scale networks. Preventive Maintenance Planning is constantly under pressure, getting more complex and more sophisticated, in addition to involving more and more departments. Artelys Crystal Maintenance Planner is a software solution designed to provide Preventive Maintenance Planning as well as an Open Platform enabling collaborative Information Sharing between the various users.

Software designed for maintenance planning management

• Long-term planning: coordination of major overhaul, complying with the distance to run
• Annual planning: detailed planning, including both minor and major maintenance aspects such as activities and processes
• Week by week planning: daily tasks management
• Daily planning: real time re-planning

An ergonomic solution to ease communication

Artelys Crystal Maintenance Planner provides ideal communication support between different teams and with authorities through Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

• User-friendly graphical interface
• Open platform encompassing an optimized planning engine
• Flexible and scalable architecture facilitating simultaneous accesses, integration and aggregating of explicit indicators
• Multi-user tool facilitating the dissemination of information between services

A powerful decision support tool

Artelys Crystal Maintenance Planner is sturdily powered by Xpress-Kalis, a powerful Optimization Engine designed for Resource Allocation. The solver Xpress-Kalis enables the management of the planning according to an important number of criteria, which by hand is often difficult.

Scenarios comparison functionalities grant the possibility to predict impacts of increasing traffic, the increase in number of railway wagons and/or trains, the maintenance step.

Implementation of an adapted solution to your specific needs

Artelys supports its clients to: define their needs, identify the software integration into the existing information system and planning process, test data to validate the tool and add new constraints, refine the parameterization, train users and support the product with the maintenance and support contract.

Planning optimization

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