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Artelys Energy Planner


Operational management

Relying on its experience and knowledge in numerical optimization, energy systems and markets, Artelys has developed Artelys Energy Planner, a software platform within the Artelys Crystal Suite, dedicated to short-term optimization of power generation assets (thermal, gas, hydro, etc.).

Generic platform for specific needs

Artelys Energy Planner integrates an accurate and complete modeling of the energy system (production assets, supply and sales contracts, markets, stocks), taking all the constraints into consideration. Artelys’ consultants master the steps leading to the successful implementation of the tool: prototyping, proof of concept, modelling, installation and maintenance.

Significant financial gains

Artelys Energy Planner automatically generates an extensive production plan, satisfying all operational constraints, taking into account environmental impacts and reducing global production costs.

Powerful and ergonomic tool

Optimal production plans are generated within minutes, thanks to state-of-art combinatorial optimization techniques. The ergonomic user-interface has been designed to ease input data, visualize production plans and export them.

Complete modelling of your system

• Daily/hourly energy and spinning-reserves demand (isolated systems, load serving entities)

Embedded demand forecasting module.
Time/quantity-dependent primary and secondary reserves requirements.

• Price and constraints for power and ancillaries markets

Energy, regulation and reserve constraints.
Constraints in the real time operations due to day-ahead positions.

• Supply constraints

Fuel costs.
Supply contracts.

• Specific hydro power module: Turbine dispatch and loading

Water level effects on gross head (head/tail water, reservoir levels).
Net head and discharge dependent efficiencies.
Rough zones.
Cascaded run of the river systems, water reservoirs.

• Key operational and technical constraints

Heat rates, fuel costs, start-up and ramp costs, minimum on/off/run time, pre-defined set points, availability of onsite operators…

• Environmental constraints

Limits, costs, taxes, quotas on emisssions (CO2, etc.).

A fully configurable interface

• Semi-automatic data entry

• Facilitated assessment of the results

Specific analysis indicators (sales and generation, on/off peak, market blocks…).
Results visualization for operational management.

  • Energy system modeling, cumulative power


  • Data analysis


  • Combinatorial optimization


• Direct visualization of different scenarios at the same time

• Direct import and export to Excel

A proven track record of adapting to specific contexts

Artelys Energy Planner has been successfully applied to the short term optimization of various portfolios, such as for example:

• Mid-size (about 100MW peak), isolated power systems using mostly fuel-oil,

• Large cascaded hydro power systems,

• Regional power systems with diversified portfolios (gas, hydro, renewables).


Energy system optimization interface

Business benefits

• Short-term optimization of production plans to meet the forecasted demand
• Optimization of the production plan with arbitrage against the market
• Updating of the production plans once the energy orders have been nominated on the Day-Ahead market
• Re-optimization throughout the day of the production plans
• Strategic studies on possible evolutions of the power generation portfolio (maintenance, new unit, etc.)