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Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer


Plan your activities and your resources

Resource planning is a central issue that companies must address in order to improve cost management, productivity, quality of service for end-customer, etc.

Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer is software that specializes in the planning of activities and resources under constraints that assists your company during all the stages of its planning process.

Decision support software for activity planning

From strategic decisions to operational management, Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer helps your planners produce the best plan of your activities and resources. Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer adapts to your needs in order to represent your entire planning process as precisely as possible.

Thanks to a refined and multi-horizon modeling of the planning process, the software helps:

Size your resources and use them efficiently
Improve quality of service without increasing operating costs
Anticipate changes in activity load as early as possible

Powerful forecasting and optimization techniques

Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer includes forecast and optimization modules based on advanced mathematical models and uses powerful computational engines to estimate workload and availability of resources.

The software can be configured specifically to each customer’s needs: the mathematical models and the optimization methods used are parameterized and / or enriched by Artelys in order to satisfy your needs and to take into account all your profession’s rules and objectives.

For example, Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer was used by GRDF to modernize the forecast and planning process of their technical interventions:

Artelys distinguished themselves […] by the quality of Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer which includes the necessary features and forecast models directly usable to cover our needs.
Sadek SMAÏLI / Project Manager, Customer Relations Department, GRDF

An ergonomic solution facilitating collaboration

Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer includes pertinent and configurable indicators specific to activity and resource planning. The software’s design facilitates:

Multi-user and multi-profile use
Simulation and comparison of different scenarios
Fast integration with your IT system

Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer is a flexible and complete planning software. It can adapt to your business context. The activity and resource model is customizable and can therefore construct realistic plans.

An adjustable, detailed, multi-horizon and multi-scenario model structure

In order to plan activities properly, it is necessary to construct a plan over all time horizons: from strategic to operational, from activity scaling to rescheduling upcoming tasks. Each horizon comes with its own problems and constraints, Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer constructs plans and schedules adapted to each one.

Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer was designed to construct multiple plan scenarios. By adapting hypotheses and constraints; and using the software’s features, you can easily create multiple plans and compare them.

Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer helps you analyze the data and the results by providing powerful visualization tools (indicators, data tables, graphs and charts, etc.). You can therefore visualize the direct impact of the assumptions made in your various scenarios.

Visualisation des indicateurs

The power of a decision engine serving your business experts

Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer has all the tools to solve very large business problems:

Configurable Optimization and Forecast Modules
Advanced mathematical models designed and implemented by consultants specialized in applied mathematics
Use of powerful calculation engines by connecting to various solvers
Parameterized models enabling users to integrate their expert knowledge

Artelys engineers have a strong proficiency in numerical optimization, especially in the fields of energy, transport and telecommunications, and can assist you in designing new mathematical models specific to your needs.

Visualization tools facilitating collaboration and analysis

Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer has an ergonomic and easy-to-use interface that allows you to modify hypotheses, view and analyze results in the most appropriate way:

Multi-user and multi-profile use to facilitate the sharing of information between departments and teamwork
Very large library of powerful and adaptable visualization tools
Existing configurable indicators and the possibility to implement new specific ones

The data export module allows you to configure all the desired exports via filters and aggregators.

You can export all the data into different formats in just one click: specific employee schedules, team/sector schedules, etc., reporting results, load plans...

GANTT view of tasks to performWorkload

A flexible, adaptable and easy to integrate architecture

Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer is based on a client-server architecture offering:

A rich and comprehensive software solution for planners / forecasters
A simple web client to publish results to collaborators

Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer allows you to carry out group imports of all the data from various formats from your information system:

Excel file, CSV, etc.
PostgreSQL database, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer integrates many functions that control the validity and consistency of data automatically. With these functions, your planners save time on the tasks of preparation, verification and analysis of data and can focus on their planning problem.

Decision support

Optimize medium and long-term operational plans
Define strategies to achieve objectives (quality of service, productivity, etc.) at a lesser cost 
Evaluate economic and human impacts of strategic actions (investment into new resources, restructuring of business perimeters, etc.)
Manage economic and performance risks against uncertain demand

Monitoring and steering

Keep the history of the previous plans and the carried out schedules
Facilitate the analysis of the performance of activities

Consultation support

Facilitating consultation between the various stakeholders through an ergonomic tool
Valuing and defending the choices made with its collaborators and partners

Adaptable solution

Artelys consultants take advantage of the flexibility of Artelys Crystal Resource Optimizer to configure forecasting and planning models tailored to the specificities of your business.

Integration, maintenance and training

Thanks to their high-level expertise in applied mathematics and computer science, Artelys consultants accompany you from the parameterization of the software to its maintenance, through to its integration and the training of its users.

Artelys also offers study services to make the most of the solution.