Pierre-Marie, Energy Consultant

10 March 2023

As interested in energy economics as he is in the strategic development of the company, Pierre-Marie is rapidly evolving within Artelys Canada.

What are your previous experiences of work/studying and your position within Artelys?

I studied at the École Polytechnique in Montréal, where I obtained a degree in mechanical engineering. I selected the energy policy option as this was a topic in which I was particularly interested in. I then worked for two years as a simulation consultant, and I went back to school to do a master’s degree in energy transition at the École des Ponts in Paris, after which I applied for a job at Artelys Canada.

I joined Artelys Canada a year and a half ago and I work as an energy consultant. I work on projects such as modeling the North American Northeast energy system or on decarbonization trajectories for the electrical system.

Can you introduce a project you worked on recently?

I am currently finalizing a project on the Italian electricity system and the analysis of decarbonization trajectories for 2035-2040. These are very interesting subjects that allow us to understand the energy reality of other countries and to better understand their situation through their current energy context.

What do you like the most about your work environment?

In my everyday work, I also participate in Artelys Canada’s business development on energy-related topics, and I particularly appreciate having a dual role: on the one hand, it allows me to better understand the needs and interests of stakeholders, and on the other hand, I can dwell on substantive topics related to the energy transition. This allows me to have an overview of Artelys’ corporate strategy, at least as far as the energy division is concerned.

How would you sum up Artelys in three words?


Speaking about myself and my colleagues.


This job requires both precision and method.


There are so many topics to discover and interesting people surrounding us.

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