Introduction to cloud technologies with docker, Kubernetes and Serverless
  • Understanding basics of docker, Kubernetes and serverless
  • Introduction of various architectures with new cloud technologies
  • Use command line to interact with containers, K8S and
  • Basics on containers, scalability and serverless

The training is intended for people who are interested in virtualization and cloud technologies or who would like to deploy and manage efficiently applications within modern architectures.



The speakers are Artelys consultants with a solid experience in deploying and managing docker containers, Kubernetes clusters by multiple providers and serverless applications in production.


It is preferable to know basics with Unix command line.



    • Main principles
    • My first Dockerfile
    • Introduction to docker-compose and docker swarm
    • Container as a Service principles and implementations in cloud
    • Other container technologies



    • Main principles
    • My first managed K8S
    • Introduction to scalability and service mesh
    • Kubectl basics : how to control my Kubernetes cluster with command line
    • Brief overview on helm and some CNCF projects



    • FaaS : main principles, advantages and drawbacks
    • Developing a high quality FaaS application
    • Available technologies in cloud and comparisons per language




Next session
May 22nd 2024

Special session available
(minimum of 4 participants, on-site or online)

Training duration
1 days

Training cost
Inter-company: €1,800 excluding taxes per person
In-house: €9,000 excluding taxes per session
This includes the materials, meals, coffee and handouts. Computers are provided.

Entire Catalog
Available on this link
Artelys is a training institution, registered in France under registration number 11754066975.


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