Demand forecast models with R
— Through the sales of goods or services, Demand Forecasting is one of the key challenges in operational planning and in designing facilities for the long-term. This course provides tools to master R software used in the context of demand forecasting.



• Develop skills in R software, from getting started to deploying forecasting modules.
• Gain a proven methodology for data analysis and development of a demand forecasting model.
• Learn about statistical techniques for forecasting: know the main ranges of models, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the link with the business expertise.


This course is intended for people who work with a set of data (e.g., business analysts) and who are looking to improve their skills with a tool that allows them to perform advanced analyses. 


The speakers are Artelys consultants with a sound knowledge of R software and issues related to demand management.


Getting started with R software 
Main features and advantages. 
Description of the syntax and the most useful keywords. 
Good programming practices in R.
Installation of the software and the working environment.

Illuminating the data and the problem 
Getting to grips with the data by visualizing the chronicles.
From raw data to usable data (data preprocessing methods).
Identification of the structuring characteristics of the data (numerical and graphic indicators, seasonality, explanatory factors).
Definition of the problem, the stakes, and the quality criteria of the forecasts.

Build a relevant demand model 
Which models should be considered given the characteristics of the data? Presentation of several classical models: autoregressive models (S)AR(I)MA(X), linear models. 
Implementation of the different models with the R software.

How to choose a good model: analysis of the quality of the forecasting results (fitting performance, generalization).

To go further 
Other types of models (frequency models).
How to make relevant graphs (ggplot package).
How to maintain in time your developments in R.




Training Duration
2 days

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